Your Pet’s Sleeping Problems

The presence of strangers at home, or even the lack of someone they are used to, can cause sleep disorders in animals.
Your Pet's Sleeping Problems

Sleep disorders are not unique to humans, they also affect animals. At first, there is no need to worry too much about your pet’s sleeping problems.

However, it is advisable to observe the animal. If the disorder is acute and, above all, frequent, it may be necessary to consult a veterinarian.

Animals are very sensitive to change. The presence of strangers at home or the lack of someone they are used to can cause inconvenience. It is necessary to give time to pets and treat them with serenity and affection. It won’t be long before they get used to the new situation.

It’s possible that your pet’s sleeping problems are caused by stress. Animals are easily stressed by negative experiences. Insomnia usually goes away after two or three days.

Some Causes of Your Pet’s Sleeping Problems

routine and customs

A very important aspect is the animal’s routine. Oftentimes, the animals remain alone inside the house all day. This situation ends up leaving them bored and they spend much of their time sleeping.

When the owner arrives, the animal “wakes up”, is excited and happy and doesn’t want to sleep anymore. He just wants to know how to play. If that’s the case for you, your pet’s sleeping problems are due to their lifestyle.

Your Pet's Sleeping Problems

These problems are resolved by changing the routine. One solution is to take him to a “daycare” for pets, where he will be entertained and active. Animals, especially dogs, need to exercise regularly. Physical activity should be done away from sleeping hours. That way, when he goes to sleep, he will be tired, calm and the insomnia will disappear.

ambient temperature

During extreme winter and summer,  the nighttime insomnia of pets can increase. Some animals are more sensitive to climate. If you suspect that this is the case, consider acclimatizing the room.

In winter, provide a blanket that your pet can snuggle into. A thermal blanket that warms the space reserved for sleep is also very useful,  taking the necessary precautions with cables and sockets. If heat is the problem, a fan or air conditioner can do the trick.

Your Pet's Sleeping Problems

The influence of ambient temperature is greater in puppies. Just bring the pet close to the owner’s body for the heat to help him sleep. Also, we recommend wrapping a cooler in a cloth and leaning the puppy against it so that the gentle warmth will help him fall asleep.

Habits That Prevent Insomnia

To solve or avoid your pet’s sleeping problems, it is essential to encourage habits that help to reconcile sleep. In this sense, what is it possible to do?

  • Get the animal used to its  needs before bed.
  • Feed at least two hours before bed. This way your pet will not feel heavy because of the food, it will have done the digestion and will be more willing to sleep.
  •  Don’t forget about the water. He should drink enough to not be thirsty during the night.
  • Cultivate a peaceful and pleasant environment at home that promotes calm and rest. There are animals that are nervous about silence. In these cases, relaxing music may solve the problem. Keeping a watch nearby so that it can hear the rhythmic sound can also help.

Are your pet’s sleeping problems chronic?

If even after changing environmental factors and habits the insomnia does not go away, maybe it could be a health problem. There are diseases that cause lack of sleep in animals.

  • The pain caused by an osteoarthritis, which is beginning to develop, can prevent the animal from sleeping. Veterinarians are, in these cases, the most indicated to solve the problem and medicate you so that you don’t suffer.
  • Age is another factor that can cause interference. As with humans, elderly people need fewer hours of sleep. In general, older animals have more problems falling asleep and sleep less.
  • It is always possible to rely on the help of medications. There are drug-based treatments that help the animal to rest well. But remember that they must be referred by an expert.

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