Your Dog’s Anal Glands

Your dog’s anal glands are two small sacs located in the anus of these animals that emit an oily substance that smells. Thus, other congeners distinguish, in their case, whether an animal is afraid or wants to play.
Your Dog's Anal Glands

Your dog’s anal glands are a very important part of his body  because they have a valuable function, which we’ll tell you about next. While this is a part we tend to overlook, let’s tell you why you should take care of them and how to do it.

What are anal glands and where are they

Your dog’s anal glands  are two small pockets that are located in your pet’s anus. Its function is to release an oily substance that smells very similar to your dog’s feces. This is also waste from your dog’s body, so these glands should always be empty.

They serve as a sensory and body language mode for communicating with other peers. For example, the smell they emit can tell another dog if it feels scared, wanting to play, or in the breeding season.

Sometimes, it  can happen that they are full of this substance and that the animal, due to any digestive problem, however minor, cannot eliminate it. Well, this will cause pain in your pet’s abdomen area and he may get sick, run a fever, stop eating or lose interest in everything.

Labrador dog

As we can see, although small,  your dog’s anal glands can cause serious problems. Therefore, it is important to know them and know how to take care of them.

what can bring problems

When your dog’s anal glands are full, the animal has lost its natural ability to empty them. You will then begin to notice that your dog is dragging his butt on the floor and trying to press on the area to avoid pain.

He may also lick your anus repetitively and intensely, or obsessively chase your tail. The sole purpose of all these movements is to relieve the pain and try to deflate it naturally.

These problems in your dog’s anal glands  can be caused by poor nutrition or an unbalanced diet. Watch how you feed your dog, maybe there’s something your body  isn’t ready to assimilate.

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How To Deal With Your Dog’s Anal Gland Problems

When your dog has a buildup of fluid in his glands,  you should empty them. It’s not cool to do this, but if you don’t want to go to the vet, you can do it yourself at home. To do this, follow these tips:

  • Learn how to do this  from a  professional. Ask a veterinarian how to deflate and don’t rush until you understand all the steps you need to take.
  • You two must be calm. You and your dog should be relaxed and in an environment and time where peace and relaxation are the protagonists. This is important as you two will have difficulties.
  • Locate Your Glands  The first thing is to try to find your dog’s anal glands. Do it in silence, without haste and without sudden movements. Talk to him as you do this and pet him so the animal doesn’t feel intimidated.
  • Once you know where they are, and you’ve made sure they’re full,  put on some gloves and get ready to squeeze both sides of the gland  like a pimple. Do not forget to place a cloth or handkerchief under the animal so as not to stain the surface when the liquid comes out.
  • Cuddle your friend. If you found this process unpleasant, although necessary, we assure you that it was not pleasant for your dog either. For this he deserves an award. This is an important step that you shouldn’t forget.

Remember that your dog is a dependent living being: it depends on you. Therefore, you should be aware of any problem he may have and do everything possible to resolve it.

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