Why Is My Dog’s Smell Sometimes Unpleasant?

Why is my dog's smell sometimes unpleasant?

When we adopt a pet, they say we shouldn’t bathe it more than once a month, no more than twice. However, despite following these instructions to the letter, our pet always ends up smelling bad a week after taking a bath. Why does it happen? What’s behind this stench? In this article we will answer these and other questions about your dog and why he sometimes doesn’t smell good.

There are many smells in our dog that can bother us: its breath, its body aroma or even the smell of “wet”, even when it is dry. Let’s see what’s behind it and what we can do to reduce the stench.

What do dogs smell like?


It’s easy to answer this question: dogs smell like dogs. Is that although their smell is different from ours, this does not mean that they smell bad. For our sense of smell it might be, but for theirs no, that’s the way it is.

In fact, dogs have a peculiar scent that helps them identify themselves as individual beings. These scents also allow them to communicate with other animals. This is an important thing to take into account before stating that your dog doesn’t smell good.

Dogs’ sense of smell is thousands of times more developed than ours, so this peculiar scent they have allows them to be identified by other species companions. This aroma is much more developed in dog pads, as it is there where the greatest number of hormones related to smell are secreted.

However, although some of the smells that our dog gives off are normal, there are many others that are not and that, at times, can be symptoms of a skin, breath or digestive ailment. So, if you think your pet’s scent is too strong and exaggerated, we’ll give you some recommendations to fix it.

My dog ​​doesn’t smell good, how to solve this?

bathe and brush

As we said at the beginning of the article, dogs need to bathe at least once a month, to avoid smells stronger than usual. However, something that many do not know is that brushing the coat should be part of this hygiene routine.

Brushing your pet’s fur daily will help ensure that substances and bacteria that can adhere to your skin on your street walks do not generate bad odors in your dermis.

What if what smells bad is breath?

Oral hygiene is something we are used to leaving behind in our pets, but it is vital to keep their breath, as well as their teeth, in excellent condition.

Your veterinarian will tell you what type of toothpaste and brush you should use on your dog and how to clean at home. Even so, a biannual visit to the veterinarian to eliminate tartar and other oral problems from your dog is mandatory.

The skin

Although canine fur has its own peculiar scent, it can sometimes be very strong. This may indicate the presence of an illness that may have been caused by fungi or bacteria and that, perhaps, end up destroying the pH of your pet’s skin and bringing even worse consequences. The best thing is that if you notice a very intense smell on your pet’s skin, go to the vet.


As a rule, dogs’ ears give off an aroma a little stronger than usual, as does ours. However, when this becomes more intense, when you can even notice it without bringing the nose close to your ears, it is possible that your dog has an infection: otitis.

Otitis can be very painful for the animal and even cause other unpleasant consequences. Do not medicate your pet or use advice from other owners who have achieved results. Each dog is a world and the diagnosis and treatment must be given by the animal’s veterinarian.



If your dog’s flatulence smells worse than usual, it’s very likely that your pet has an upset stomach or digestive problem. Take an exam to clarify doubts and preserve your pet’s good health.

As you can see, it is important to be aware of your pet’s bad smell, learning to distinguish if it is something normal or if it is beyond expectations. The smell caused by a medical anomaly will have to be treated.

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