Why Don’t Dogs Like Me?

Why don't dogs like me?

You are walking down the street and stop at the traffic light. On your side is a person, walking her pet. You would like to do something cute for him and the animal will be indifferent to you or, in the worst case, will start grunting or barking. This doesn’t happen just once, but every time you come across an animal on the street. You wonder: p or that dogs do not like me? That’s the question that intrigues many people. In this article, we’ll tell you the reasons why this happens.

Why don’t dogs like me? Is there something wrong with me?

Perhaps someone has already said that it is a matter of karma, or even an aura or soul. However, this is not proven. Dogs are not able to judge and decide whether they like us or not. It has nothing to do with our behavior as a person, nor anything to do with our style.

Those who wonder: why don’t dogs like me? They can let go of the feeling of guilt and pay attention to some of the main reasons for this behavior:

1. Something about you makes dogs restless

It could be the clothes you are wearing, if you wear glasses, if you have a beard, if you have a very loud voice, if your jewelry makes a lot of noise, if you need a wheelchair to get around or a cane to get around walk. All these things, even a hat, or high-heeled shoes, bother animals. The same happens with dogs that shy away from children because of their size and their agitation. If the animal has socialized with all kinds of people throughout its life, it shouldn’t have a problem with anyone in particular.

2. You remind him of someone from his past

Of course, dogs have memories, especially if they had a very negative past. Maybe you were thinking, “Dogs don’t like me because I’m a bad person.” However, its behavior is caused by something that happened in the pet’s life or its life history. For example, some dogs don’t like tall men, some don’t like thin women, others feel bad when they see someone carrying a club in their hand, and so on. Remember that pets don’t forget events for years, and may associate you with someone who mistreated them when they were puppies.

3. Your body language is threatening to them

Dogs don’t have problems with people because they want to. They try to defend themselves at all times, and to stay alert to the dangers that are approaching. If you approach him screaming, gesturing, or frowning, he will interpret it as if he has done something wrong or expects to be punished. On the contrary, if your attitude towards the animal is more open, receptive and very “casual”, it will feel more comfortable with you.

This also happens to those people who are afraid of pets. Dogs can smell fear, that is, they are able to perceive it in human (or any other species) behavior.

4. Want to protect their territory

If you ever asked yourself: why don’t dogs like me? And did not find an answer that solves this question, maybe I should change the question: what do I cause in animals? Dogs are very fond of protecting their territory and, in addition, they are protective of their loved ones. Therefore, if you approach an animal that is with its owner, its reaction will probably be to prevent you from doing any harm to the person the animal is protecting.

There are even cases of dogs that “treat” people out of jealousy. For example, if they feel threatened or feel they have to share their owner’s love with someone else. Have you ever heard of dogs that hate their owners’ spouses, or babies when they come home and their owners stop paying attention to their pets? This can generate jealousy.

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