Why Does The Dog Shake The Toys?

Why does the dog shake the toys?

Sometimes we don’t understand some of the behaviors of pets and it’s worth learning about them. For example, have you ever stopped to think about  why the dog shakes its toys? The answer will surprise you!

my dog ​​shakes his toys

Most (not to say all) dogs love to play, especially when they are small. It is very likely that you have seen your pet pick up an object (their own or another person or animal) and shake it wildly. It may seem fun and strange to human thinking, but to him it’s the most normal thing in the world.

And it doesn’t matter if our canine is a small breed or a big one…  he can’t resist the temptation to toss a toy around,  whether it’s having fun alone or with us. It’s probably happened that you’ve thrown an object at your dog, and when he brings it back, he doesn’t want to let go and starts shaking it and pulling it with all his strength. Why does he act like that?

Reasons why the dog shakes toys

dog who bent down with his toy

We must remember that our pets have wild ancestors. Although in a small percentage, undomesticated blood flows through its veins. And many of your habits are related to this characteristic. If your dog is used to shaking toys or objects, it could be for one of the following reasons:

1. Hunter instinct

Everyone knows that the dog is descended from the wild wolf and that both have similar behaviors. When your furry one attacks a toy, growls, sinks its teeth and shakes it all over the place, it  ‘s showing its superiority over the object in question.

In the wild, wolves or hunting dogs do the same when capturing prey. Since they must move it with energy to kill it, this practice is very common.

2. Energy release

Many animals spend almost the entire day confined in a small environment or are unable to spend their energy. When they get the chance, they take it… even if it’s with a poor toy. This behavior can be a sign that the animal does not go out for walks often enough or has been stuck in the house for many days.

3. Fun

Who says dogs don’t like to have fun once in a while? They can let go of their ancestors and start playing like a child. And shaking things up is a lot of fun for them. You’ll notice it in their expression, the way they wag their tail, and their barking (unlike when they feel scared or threatened).

4. Mother’s teaching

Dogs remember everything their mother taught them from the time they were born until the day they were separated from her  (even if their eyes were still closed). Females pass on their wisdom to the litter, including habits they would use if they lived in the wild. Over time, the animal puts all maternal lessons into practice.

5. Boredom

Of course, furry ones get bored… especially when they are puppies and want to play all day. Maybe he’ll take one of your toys, bring it to you, and swing it from side to side. This is a sign that he needs some activity, fun and company. Be careful, if you don’t go with the flow, the puppy can destroy everything in its path.

6. Frustration

dog toys

You must be very careful not to confuse boredom with frustration. In the latter case, the animal feels bad because it thinks you have abandoned it or don’t love it anymore. Separation anxiety is very common in certain breeds (such as the Cocker Spaniel, for example), and it expresses itself in different ways. One is shaking and tearing toys.

7. Aggression

Finally, the dog can energetically shake the toys as a negative sign. How to correctly detect this behavior? If he remains stationary when he has the object on his side, he raises his head and growls in despair or if he has tried to do the same with another animal or child. It is important to consult an expert to prevent the behavior from bringing risks to others.

Remember all the reasons that lead a dog to shake toys and see which one your pet fits into.

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