Why Do Shar-pei Dogs Have So Many Wrinkles?

Why do shar-pei dogs have so many wrinkles?

There are few people who do not like this very peculiar breed: shar-pei. It’s that the plush face and wrinkles of these dogs make them have a special look that drives those who know the breed crazy. Today we are going to talk about why your wrinkles. What made this breed so rugged?

Knowing the reason for this breed’s wrinkles is more than just curiosity, it can help us improve the hygiene of your skin and, consequently, your health. But first, let’s get to know a little more about these adorable animals.

More about shar-pei


The shar-pei had its origins in China and it seems that the breed has existed since 206 BC It was used as a tomb guard dog and later as a fighting dog and finally as a pet.

In the 60’s the communist regime that ruled China was against companion animals saying that they brought an unnecessary expense with food and money, that’s why this beautiful breed came to the point of disappearing. Good thing they couldn’t exterminate her! They would have deprived us of enjoying unparalleled beauty.

the personality

The personality of these dogs is very calm, serene and friendly. They aren’t dogs that bark a lot, so if you live in a building with sensitive neighbors, a shar-pei won’t make trouble for you.

It is a very independent dog and also a single owner dog. So family members cannot expect him to love everyone equally. It is called a canine cat because its personality is more like a cat than a dog.

Even in his way of playing he looks like a feline, because his way of catching things is through kicking, does he think he’s a tiger?

His independent character makes him indifferent to strangers and is also a little stubborn when it comes to obeying and obeying orders. That’s why as a puppy he will have to be taught to socialize and will have to receive special training, without physical punishment.

The cause of shar-pei wrinkles

According to the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​the reason for the wrinkles of the shar-pei dog is an inherited disease called mucinosis, which generates an excessive accumulation of hyaluronic acid, which is what creates the beautiful skin formations of this breed.

Hyaluronic acid takes care of filling the spaces between the cells of a tissue. Creating an excessive amount of hyaluronic acid enzyme causes the shar-pei’s skin to thicken and create those beautiful wrinkles that make it a lovely breed.

But shar-pei wrinkles are not only originality and beauty, but also, unfortunately, cause you problems.

Problems caused by shar-pei wrinkles


We must not forget that these wrinkles are the result of an illness that, although it will not lead the animal to death, can cause a series of complications to arise for which we must be prepared.

Mucinosis can cause shar-pei to have these problems:

  • Fever
  • Infections
  • Allergy

The shar-pei doesn’t need much special care. However, when you bathe her, you need to focus very well on the folds of her skin so that dirt doesn’t build up and cause infections.

Allergies must be recognized and treated effectively so that the animal does not suffer. Therefore, you will have to identify what causes the allergy and also try to separate the dog as much as possible from what causes the allergy. The shar-pei is prone to suffer from these conditions, so it is essential to constantly examine it.

If you are thinking about adopting a shar-pei dog, think no more and adopt! It is a beautiful and affectionate dog that will show you that it is a faithful friend at all times.

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