What To Know About The Borzoi Breed

What to know about the Borzoi breed

Borzoi or Galgo Russo, is the great unknown in the dog club. Possibly you have never seen one, but it is an interesting breed to get to know, also to include it among our options if we are thinking of acquiring a dog. In this article we will talk about your physical characteristics, your personality and the necessary care. We hope this article will help you if you are still deciding on a pet or if you at least broaden your knowledge about this breed.



Borzoi is an agile, strong and fast dog. Its measurements vary between 66 and 79 centimeters and its weight is between 25 and 48 kilograms.

His head is wide and narrow, making his nose one of the most prominent parts of his face. Unlike other breeds with these features in its head, its ears are small although droopy, but this is offset by the intrinsic elegance that its size and its large size make it present.

Its tail is long and furry, as well as curved. Its fur is soft and long and, on rare occasions, it can be a little curly. It is almost always white with dark spots, although cinnamon or chocolate specimens are also present, but these are rare.


The Borzoi comes from Russia and was highly valued among the Czars, as they trained it to be used in hunting the Siberian wolf. Raised among royalty and trained as a royal hunter may be the cause of his intrinsic elegance and arrogant stride.

When the Tsars fell and with it, the entire political and royal system of Russia, this breed was almost extinct in its country of origin, although it seems that some specimens reached Europe and propagated the species, so we can still see them today. in Europe and America.


Due to the fact that he was raised throughout his history by his owner and those who accompanied him,  Borzoi is very affectionate with those he knows, but very suspicious of strangers, since his subconscious is not prepared to receive anyone else in your life. So much so that he can even bite you. If you ever see one, and you are tempted to pet it, beware!

However, this is a matter of time, until he gains confidence. But it will be he who will dictate who approaches and who does not. Don’t force yourself when you have a visitor at home to let yourself be pampered by them, it could be a disappointment. With respect to children, if you have children, we regret to tell you that Borzoi is not the ideal dog to be with them.

His personality is not much of a playful dog, and although he is a very patient dog, he will not be pleased if children topple him and he will not allow them to climb on top of him.

It is a secretive dog when acting and has an exceptional delicacy when it comes to moving. So you don’t have to worry that when you get home, your big pet will throw you to the ground for the joy of seeing you, Borzoi won’t do that. His gestures of joy are much more, to call them at all, reverential. Remember he was raised in the nobility.

In relation to other dogs,  Borzoi is not aggressive, but rather arrogant, so in specific situations, things could get worse. To correct this attitude, as well as the relationship with strangers, we recommend that you adopt a Borzoi as a puppy and help him to socialize from an early age to avoid these problems later.

Necessary care

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Borzoi’s stomach is very delicate, so you should choose the feed you will give it very well, always following the guidelines of your trusted veterinarian. Its large size requires a minimum amount of 700 grams of feed per day, something you will have to consider if you decide to adopt a dog of this breed.

Another of Borzoi’s essential cares is related to his fur.  Your dog will need a daily brushing due to the length and density of its fur , in addition to pet shop care, where they will have to cut, care and brush their coat frequently.

Despite being a big dog, he will adapt to living in a small apartment, but if it’s too small, it could be uncomfortable. He needs to get out and run and feel free.

As you can see, there are dogs for all tastes. If you’re more introverted and don’t like having a dog on your toes and have the money and time to give him all the necessary care, choose a Borzoi as your ideal dog.

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