What Is A Potentially Dangerous Dog?

What is a potentially dangerous dog?

There is a name used in some countries, including Brazil, which  identifies a potentially dangerous dog.  To reach this conclusion, it is necessary to consider some aspects of the animal, for example, aggressiveness, attack or tenacity. Learn more about potentially dangerous dogs in this article.

When is a dog considered potentially dangerous?

In Colombia, Venezuela and Spain, laws have been enacted regarding the  possession of certain breeds of dogs. Furthermore, in the case of Spain, the decree was signed in 2002 and, for a dog to be considered potentially dangerous, it must have certain characteristics, such as:

Rottweiler dog, considered a potentially dangerous dog

  • Muscle: strong, robust, vigorous
  • Personality: strong and of great value
  • Torso perimeter: between 60 and 80 cm
  • Weight: over 20 kilos
  • Height (of the animal standing and straight): between 40 to 70 cm
  • Hair: short
  • Neck: broad, short and muscular
  • End: parallel and robust straights
  • Head: square, bulky
  • Cheekbones: bulging and muscular
  • Jaws: big and strong
  • Mouth: deep and wide
  • Chest: Strong, broad, muscular

How many potentially dangerous dog breeds are there?

In total, there are currently 12 breeds that are within the potentially dangerous dog group. Among them, we highlight:

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

His ancestor is the English Bull Terrier. Previously, the American Pitbull Terrier was used in fights and they are not accepted by the International Cynological Federation, but they are part of the United Kennel Club of the United States (even in some American states it is forbidden to have this breed as a pet). The American Pitbull Terrier can weigh up to 30 kilos, is very fast, athletic, agile and vigorous.

2. Rottweiler

This potentially dangerous dog is of German origin. Due to its strength, it was used to drive cattle to the Rottweil market. It can be used as a herding dog, guard dog, search dog, rescue dog, etc. It has a strong, compact appearance, a lithe and tough body, and a large head. 

The Rottweiler’s temperament is characterized by its tranquility, obedience, its sweetness, unlike what they usually think when they take into account its “bad reputation” of dangerous. But, yes, we must say that he is a very sure and brave dog, who reacts very quickly to danger.

3. Argentine Dogo

It is the only breed developed in Argentina that still exists  (the other two are already extinct). The Dogo Argentino was bred to hunt large species such as cougars, wolves and wild boar from 1920 onwards. It has the ability to hunt in packs and emerged through the crossing of several European breeds. Its coat is completely white, with the exception of its nose, which is black. They usually cut their ears so that they are pointed and erect.

He is an animal devoted to work that must be socialized from a puppy so that he can play his role well within a group. In addition, you need space to exercise and avoid aggressive lapses due to high energy accumulation. This animal is also banned in many countries.

4. Doberman

The Doberman is another potentially dangerous dog that was born in Germany through the crossing of several breeds: Pinscher, Rottweiler, Weimaraner, Shepherd-de-beauce and Manchester Terrier. He has a square body, elongated snout, small eyes and pointed ears. In addition, he is muscular, athletic and strong. It can measure up to 72 cm when standing and straight; its fur is short with the colors black, brown and brown; and he can live up to 13 years.

Doberman dogs beside basket

5. Akita Inu

This dog of Japanese origin was used for defense and attack  in its country, as well as for hunting bears, due to its strength and physical bearing. It came about through a cross between an English Mastiff and a Tosa Inu (the latter is also considered potentially dangerous).

It can carry out all kinds of heavy work, it has a thick, double coat with white, brindle or reddish coloration, and its ears are triangular. Regarding Akita Inu’s temperament, we can say that he is quite silent and reserved, and that he can assume the role of dominator in front of other dogs. He is loyal, protective and caring.

6. Dogue de Bordeaux

This breed originated in France and is part of a large family, the Mastiffs,  animals with a lot of power, strength and agility. It has been used both to hunt large animals and to protect property. The Dogue de Bordeaux has a voluminous head with folds in the skin, eyes that are far apart, its fur is reddish and its walk is elastic. He is very attached to his owner, is affectionate, faithful and reserved in the presence of strangers.

The other potentially dangerous dogs are: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Fila Brasileiro, Tosa Inu, Neapolitan Mastiff, Great Dane and Bull Terrier.

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