What If My Dog ​​gets A Bee Sting?

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or not, it’s normal to see bees and wasps flying everywhere. Just as we are the targets of their attacks, so are our pets. A bee sting can cause our dog great pain, so it is important to be prepared. We have to know how to act as quickly as possible.

While it’s possible that you’ve never been through this situation, they say it’s better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, in “My Animals” we will give you the steps to follow, in case your dog takes a bee or wasp sting.

What to do if your dog is stung by a bee or wasp

The first thing we should know is that bees leave a whitish inflammation when using the stinger. That must be the only sign. If you see that other parts of your dog’s body have other symptoms, it is possible that he is allergic. In that case, you should take him to the vet without further delay.

If, in addition, your dog has weakness, vomiting, fever, or any other abnormality, it is clear that he is allergic. In this case, the first aid you could give him would not be enough and he will need veterinary attention.

First: remove the stinger

In the stinger is where the poison of this annoying insect is. Therefore, the first step to take is to remove the stinger. Although our first idea might be to use depilation tweezers to remove it, doing so is a mistake. This could break it and allow the poison to spread further.

To remove the stinger correctly and without incident, it is best to use a credit card or a very hard card. We’ll push in the opposite direction, out. We will help with our hands, until he is completely expelled by the pressure.

wash the region

Once you have extracted the stinger from the bee or wasp, the next step is to wash the stinged area with plenty of soap and water. This will help eliminate any leftover poison. It is important that you do not rub as this would only increase your dog’s pain. And remember to use a mild soap and, if possible, natural, without chemicals.

Therefore, wash gently, as if you were washing a baby. Make sure the area is well cleaned and disinfected. If you wish, you can apply a little hydrogen peroxide, but never alcohol.

Relieve pain

The next step is to try to alleviate the pain your dog will be feeling from being stinged by a bee. For this, a great ally will be ice. The ice will reduce swelling and massage the area, immediately relieving your pet’s pain.

Another ally can be baking soda. A teaspoon in a glass of water will be enough to dampen a cloth and apply it to the affected area.

Aloe vera is also ideal for this function. If you have it at home as a plant, the so-called aloe vera, just cut the stem and apply it directly over the bite region. Remember to open your hair. If you want, you can cut them a little so that the product is better absorbed.

If you don’t have aloe vera, on the market you can find creams and lotions with 99% aloe vera, which will help in the same way.

take him to the vet

As we said before, these are steps to take at home, something you can do. But if your dog has allergies, unusual swelling, or any symptoms that indicate something abnormal, don’t delay and take him to the vet.

In any case, whether you have taken him to the vet or treated him at home, remember to check the bite area daily. Well, sometimes it can get worse. Constant monitoring will avoid major problems. So, don’t think that everything has already been resolved and that it’s something unimportant, it doesn’t hurt to be a little more attentive and watch over your pet’s well-being.

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