What Do Vets Do?

Although it seems that these professionals only work in clinics that serve pets, the truth is that they work in various tasks related to our food safety: in livestock, research or, even, in the conservation of wild species. 
What do vets do?

The veterinary profession is, without a doubt, one of the most important for the protection and care of our animals. Still, there are few who know everything that veterinarians do day after day and in all sectors involved.

food safety

Many people don’t know that among the things veterinarians do is review and analyze all the foods we eat.

In other words,  all the products you eat in your daily life, even those that don’t come from farms, are generally evaluated by veterinarians.

These professionals  make sure that these foods do not contain bacteria or other pathogens that could be harmful to our health,  and even participate in the analysis of the water we drink. Thanks to what veterinarians do, we can eat much more safely.


Likewise, all facilities that produce food or house animals are inspected by veterinarians.

Among the tasks of these professionals is the inspection  of restaurants and any place that produces or sells food, ensuring that there are no dangers and that the rules are respected.

They also inspect animal shelters: farms, zoos,  sanctuaries  and kennels are reviewed by these professionals to verify that animal welfare regulations are complied with, among other things.

What veterinarians do is so necessary that  they are usually the ones who draw up the various protocols related to hygiene and food safety  that exist in all these companies, and even advise on allergen regulations. 

Veterinarian inspecting farm


A large part of veterinarians are dedicated to research, to discover hundreds of new things day after day: there are veterinarians who research  medicines, food safety, vaccines, combating tumors, ecology and animal production.

This is because animal health is closely related to human health, both through the consumption of foods of animal origin and the presence of zoonoses.

That’s why, among the things that veterinarians do,  research together with doctors and biologists who study different aspects of human health stands out.

Animal production

Together with other professionals,  veterinarians must also help farmers improve their production and respect the animal welfare of their animals.

Thanks to preventive medicine advice and programs, veterinarians are able to improve productive performance.

In addition, they are responsible for planning reproduction through breeding and improvement programs, or for manufacturing all the foods that are consumed by the animals.

In addition, they must offer treatment for  all diseases that can affect slaughter animals, usually through cooperatives that work with farmers in a specific area, which makes them travel hundreds of kilometers daily.


These professionals also work with wildlife. In addition to veterinarians from sanctuaries or zoos, there are veterinarians who participate in numerous  research and conservation projects with wild animals.

Veterinarian with a Hyacinth Macaw

There are also veterinarians who are dedicated to the recovery of wild animals. For example, the Hospital de Vida Sselvagem GREFA and primatologist Rebeca Atencia, a veterinarian from Galicia, Spain,  were recently awarded by the veterinary college in  Madrid for their work with chimpanzees in Africa.


Veterinarians also work in clinics, common in big cities. They take care of saving all the domestic and exotic animals that we have as pets. 

Labrador dog with bandaged paw at the veterinarian

Although many people don’t know it, this profession is very poorly paid.

That’s why we must remember that  animals are not things, they are a responsibility.

Therefore, you should consider veterinarian expenses before purchasing one as a pet, without complaining about their prices.

Certainly those who use the human public health service are not used to having to pay for an operation or vaccination. But the data reveals an awful truth: despite their low salaries, veterinarians are negotiating and lowering prices, something they shouldn’t be forced to do.

Now you know everything vets do. They are professionals who deserve our respect and gratitude!

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