What Do I Do If My Dog ​​has A Skin Rash

Dogs can have many diseases that, unintentionally, can go unnoticed by our eyes. Some of them have to do with the skin. According to the amount of hair that covers it, seeing an anomaly there is not easy, and it may seem even more difficult to treat it. If your dog has a skin rash, follow this advice. 

The different skin diseases of dogs

A skin infection  can have different causes. These are a few:


This infection is caused by a parasite that enters the animal’s skin and reproduces there. So, in a short time, the dog could have hundreds, thousands of parasites walking on its skin and creating an unbearable itch.

When scratching, the dog may have a rash. These scabies rashes will cause pain and the itching will continue, creating an unsustainable vicious cycle that will eventually stress your pet.


If your dog has a skin rash, it is possible that it was caused by a yeast infection. And that can lead to inflammation and other problems. Just like what happens to scabies, this is a contagious disease. So, if there are other animals in the house, keep them away from the sick pet.

food allergies

As with people, food allergies also produce a rash on dogs’ skin. This will make the dog itch non-stop and cause even more damage to itself. In addition, one way to easily recognize if we are facing a food allergy is to see if, in addition to the itching, there are signs of a discharge or itching.


It is also caused by an allergy that can be of any type. It is one of the most common skin diseases in dogs. It causes a lot of discomfort  to the animal, which will make it impossible for it not to scratch.

The most normal thing is for the dog to hurt his nails and sometimes even bleed. Plants where you walk with it, or house dust, mites, or moisture can cause dermatitis.


The pyoderma is caused by bacteria that create a kind of “volcano” of pus in the areas close to the skin follicles. In general, these bacteria seek moist and fatty areas, so they are most commonly found in the anus, nose, vulva or lips.

What to do if my dog ​​has a skin rash

The first thing to do is go to the vet. He will examine you to see what type of eruption it is and what caused it.

The professional will indicate the relevant treatment with antihistamines or other medications, depending on the infection. However, there are things you can do at home to help your pet. These are a few: 

  • Keep it from getting hurt: Itching caused by a rash can cause your pet to scratch hard and injure itself. To avoid this, you can put on socks that prevent you from getting hurt. They should be securely tied so he doesn’t take them off easily.
  • Apply a cream or ointment: Ask your veterinarian to prescribe a cream to relieve itching. Swipe it for relief.
  • Baby wipes: Water wipes will also relieve itching if your dog has a skin rash. Place the cold scarf or cloth over the animal and do not squeeze too much to avoid hurting.
  • Take it for a walk: Sometimes the itch is stronger if the animal is bored. It’s possible that he’s thinking about it too much and then scratches too much. Take your animal for a walk and play with it. This will distract him and he will forget about the itch for a while.

    If your dog has a skin rash, as we said earlier, the first thing to do is go to the vet. Don’t delay and let the specialist indicate the best treatment.

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