What Are Toxic Foods For A Cat?

What are toxic foods for a cat?

One of the questions pet owners often ask is what foods are toxic to a cat or dog. In this article, we’ll focus on cats and the list of prohibited foods in their diet:

Toxic food for a cat

  • Caffeine, theobromine and theine
  • milk and lactose
  • Alcohol
  • Onion and garlic
  • Salt, sugar and spices
  • Avocado
  • bones and bones

Caffeine, theobromine and theine

Caffeine, theobromine and theine, or in other words, coffee, chocolate and tea, are highly harmful to the body of cats. Speed ​​up your pulse and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other digestive problems. In the case of large intakes, the result can be fatal. So avoid these foods at all costs.

siamese cat eating

milk and lactose

Despite the popular belief that cats love milk and that it is healthy for animals at any stage of life, this is a mistake. That’s because the adult cat is lactose intolerant. Dairy consumption can cause major digestive problems.


Although it seems obvious, from time to time veterinarians attend emergency consultations for alcohol ingestion by felines. We must avoid at all costs that our cat drinks alcohol, as this is a very dangerous drug and the result of its ingestion can be fatal for our animal’s body.

Onion and garlic

Onions and garlic, as well as leeks, are related to the destruction of red blood cells. In other words, they can cause anemia in our animals. That’s why we must prevent the cat from consuming these foods, and that includes the leftovers of our food, which normally contain them, even if in small proportions.

Salt, sugar and spices

Salt, sugar and spices are part of our diet, but they have no reason to be part of our furry companion’s diet. These foods are related to high blood pressure, digestive problems, and other illnesses that we can avoid if we exclude them from our pet’s diet.


Avocado is a fruit with a lot of fat and, even though it is considered “good fat” for the human diet, we must avoid it at all costs in the feeding of our animals. This is because, in addition to calories, the fruit contains persin, which is very harmful. It is preferable for our cat to acquire the necessary calories from other substances, such as salmon oil.

cat eating canned food

bones and bones

Despite the typical image of the kitten in cartoons gnawing on a fishbone, bones and bones can only bring problems. They are the main cause of death from asphyxia in pets and are related to other problems, such as perforations and ulcers. Therefore, do not let your kitten gnaw bones, under any circumstances.

The list of dangerous foods can be endless, depending on which specialist we speak to. Therefore, in conclusion, we recommend that you consult your trusted expert. It must be said that at this point, you should not give your pet anything that is not specially made for its breed, age, and size.

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