Westie Dogs And Their Characteristics

Westie dogs and their characteristics

The Westie, also known as the West Highland White Terrier, is one of the most beautiful dogs out there, at least in my opinion. In fact, I don’t know anyone who didn’t say something like “Oh, that’s beautiful!” And there are several reasons behind this exclamation, as the Westie has a brilliant white fur, which is accompanied by his very friendly personality. Would you like to know more about this breed? Keep reading and you will get to know several interesting facts.

Westie Origin

Westie running

Westie is just a pet name for his real name: West Highland White Terrier. As the name implies, they belong to the breed of Terriers, and therefore, like them, they come from Scotland, mainly from the Highlands of this small country.

Due to their white coloration, they were used for many years for hunting, as the owners thought their color would make it easy to tell them apart from prey, which is usually darker in color.

Around the 19th century Colonel Malcolm de Poltalloch fell in love with this breed and ensured that it had all the necessary qualities for both a house dog and one that lives in the countryside or is used for hunting. So, this colonel put all his efforts into raising them and helping their growth. Thank you, Malcolm, for helping to propagate a race as beautiful as the Westies.

Westie Characteristics

Its size varies between 28 and 30 centimeters, and its weight between 5kg and 10kg, being considered a small-medium size dog.

Its completely white fur, without any type of stain, is without a doubt the most recognized characteristic by everyone. It is curious because their predecessors, the Cairn Terriers, came to be known as the “white cairns”, since animals that were born totally white were not accepted. They could be any color but white. What an irony! The purity of the Westie’s white fur is what makes it so beautiful.

Also, their fur is thick and easy to handle. Its pointed ears give it a cuddly appearance, and thanks to its small snout it looks like a stuffed animal.

Westie Personality

Having been brought up for years to chase prey, it’s something they carry inside and it’s part of their personality. Therefore, it is not recommended to leave small animals alone with a Westie. This has given him a tenacious and persistent temperament, causing many to believe that they are big dogs trapped in a small dog’s body.

His offspring, Terriers, have a stubborn personality and are difficult to train (although not impossible), so you should teach him from the first moment that you are the boss, and not let him do things when and as you wish.

He will always remain alert and when faced with noises or strange people he may feel that his territory is threatened, which will make him angry and loud enough. For this reason, socialization and training are very important from when they are puppies.

Westie will need a good dose of daily exercise, not too intense, but constant. Let’s say this is important for him to calm down.

But like all dogs, if you pet and take good care of a Westie, you’ll have what it takes to be a faithful, loyal, loving dog, willing to do anything to please him.

Westie care

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How are your fur and skin?

Westie’s fur doesn’t usually get matted or form a lot of knots, but if you want to keep it shiny and beautiful, you need to remember to brush it every day.

His skin tends to be dry, so it is recommended not to bathe him more than once a month, and use neutral shampoos when doing so, or even shampoos for babies or dogs, which balance the pH of your skin and avoid the emergence of eczema and other irritations.

Don’t forget your cleaning

Your ears are very important. Due to their position (sharp pointing upwards), the ears are very exposed to dirt and bacteria that can enter through their orifices. Therefore, make a daily cleaning with a damp cloth, and without squeezing too hard.

It’s also critical that your muzzle and paws are kept clean, especially if you don’t want it to lose the purity of its white fur. When dogs walk and lick each other, a brown hue is formed in their fur, the result of dirt and bacteria collected from the street and transmitted by their saliva. So, clean your paws well every time he comes back from the street, and also your muzzle every time after eating.

If you are looking for a dog as a pet, we hope this article has helped you to decide whether or not the Westie might be a good fit for you.

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