Vegetables Dogs Can And Cannot Eat

While these foods can have beneficial properties for dogs, it’s also true that you need to pay attention to those that can be harmful to your body.
Vegetables Dogs Can and Cannot Eat

Dogs can eat a lot of the food we consume,  although the most logical is that they feed on dog food, which provides everything your body needs. 

Even so, we can treat them from time to time by changing the shape, texture, color and flavor of their food.

However, you need to know which vegetables dogs can and cannot eat.

Vegetables Dogs Can and Cannot Eat

The BARF diet consists of feeding our pets raw food. Organic foods from the garden, meat, fish and fruits are best, although most of these ingredients should be cooked.

This diet is suitable for all animals, because in a natural habitat it would actually be what they would eat.

Well, we can give   our dog different fruits and vegetables, but there are some that cannot be eaten by them for various reasons.

A healthy lifestyle, with healthy eating, is spreading everywhere,  and this is also influencing our pets’ diet.

Even so, we must remember that animals have a stomach and digestive system that differ from ours, and that not everything we eat can be beneficial to them.

vegetable diet barf

So, as a wake-up call to this question, we’ll talk about what vegetables dogs can and can’t eat.

The vegetables dogs can eat

Certainly, when you bought  specialized dog food,  you saw that it has a high content of vegetables that provide vitamins and fiber. Here are some of the things you can also give your pet:

  • Green beans. It has a high content of fiber and magnesium, as well as vitamin K. It is an ideal addition to your dog’s diet, especially if he has a tendency to be overweight.
  • Sweet Potatoes. Sweetpotato is a tuber with a sweet touch that, in addition to your dog’s love, will provide vitamin B6, C and beta-carotene, an antioxidant pigment that will benefit your body and extend its life span.
  • Carrot. Provides vitamin C, melanin and many other contributions to your dog’s body. Thanks to its sweet taste, your dog will love it and it will be an   ideal snack for him.

Dogs can also eat…

  • Cucumber. Many dogs love it, especially in summer, perhaps because of its high water content. Treat your dog and mix it with some lactose-free or sugar-free yogurt, then you’ll see how he “licks his whiskers.”
  • Peas. As with beans, peas provide many benefits for your pet. These provide vegetable protein, magnesium, fiber and vitamin B2.
  • Spinach. Although spinach has been shown to damage dogs’ kidneys, it does happen when they eat it in large amounts. That is, if once a month you give your pet a handful of spinach, not only will it not be harmful, but you will be providing it with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. You might have to change his name to Popeye!
  • Pumpkin. It is ideal for constipation and, as in the case of sweet potatoes and carrots, its sweet taste will delight your dog. It’s an excellent source of fiber that will improve your furry friend’s intestinal system.


Vegetais para cachorros

Vegetables Dogs Can’t Eat

The list of vegetables your dog can eat is almost endless, although you have to keep in mind that  there are some you can’t give him under any circumstances. These are:

  • Onion and the like. Onions, chives, leeks and others are dangerous for dogs because they contain  thiosulfate, which destroys red and white blood cells and produces anemia. Depending on how much they ingest, it can be fatal.
  • Garlic. Like onions and the like, it contains thiosulfate and can cause tachycardia, lethargy, hyperventilation and other illnesses.
  • Mushrooms. Dogs don’t accept all the fungi and mushrooms we can digest, so some of what we eat might not be good for them.
  • Tomatoes. Tomatoes are not digestible for dogs and can cause acute stomach upset.

Although eating  naturally  is beneficial for your dog, keep in mind that some foods are not suitable for them and thus preserve their health.

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