Types Of Lizards In The Animal Kingdom

These reptiles can have different sizes and morphologies and can live in any type of habitat, such as tropical regions, meadows or mountains; some are big and feared predators.
Types of Lizards in the Animal Kingdom

The various types of lizards that exist form one of the most numerous and diverse suborders of reptiles known. They inhabit every continent, with the logical exception of Antarctica. So, to continue learning about the fascinating world of reptiles, let’s get to know the main species of lizards and their main characteristics.

How many types of lizards are there?

Considering the enormous biodiversity of the animal kingdom, it is difficult to specify the number of members of each family or subgenus. Currently, 5,600 species of lizards are known, grouped into 46 different families. We can find from lizards with a few centimeters to the legendary Komodo dragon, which reaches 3 meters in length.

Most lizards are native to warm climates, particularly tropical and subtropical regions. So, it is possible to find their “home” in different environments, from wetlands to grasslands or mountainous regions. In addition, some species are also capable of inhabiting deserts that are absolutely inhospitable to most animals.

Also,  many species have demonstrated a remarkable adaptability, resorting to the hibernation mechanism to survive low temperatures.

The 5 most popular types of lizards in the world

As it would be impossible to summarize all 5,600 types of lizards in this article, we chose to present the five most famous “groups”. Some of these lizards are so popular that they are also often adopted as exotic pets.

The Gila Monster

This species of lizard – whose photo opens this article – is not known as a monster by chance. As if being poisonous weren’t enough, his appearance is also unattractive  and somewhat frightening. Its body is large and robust, with dark brown tones with lighter spots.

However,  these lizards originating in the United States are very intelligent and are generally not aggressive. Logically, preventive measures are indispensable against any wild venomous animal.

the geckos

The Gecko family includes more than 1,500 lizard subspecies, which are characterized by their small size and green color. Some specimens can measure only 3 centimeters in total length, weighing just over 10 grams. The best known variety is the  Leopard Gecko , which has become popular as a pet in recent years.


Geckos are generally adopted as pets by first-time “reptile tutors”. That is, those who have little or no experience raising a lizard. As they are docile and small, they are easier to handle and require simpler care than iguanas, for example.

Also, they  are the only types of lizards that have vocal cords, so they can emit sounds to communicate. This allows them a higher level of socialization with their guardians and also with other animals.

the iguanas

Certainly,  iguanas  are among the best known lizards in the world. Their large size and remarkable beauty make them easily stand out from other lizards. In fact, they are among the largest species of lizards in the world.

The most famous species of iguana is the Green Iguana, which is native to Central and South America. It has been widely adopted as a pet in many countries, but is not recommended for inexperienced keepers. They are large, require a lot of specific care and can become territorial as adults.

In this family, we also find the only variety of marine lizard known to date. It is the Galapagos Marine Iguana, an endemic species to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

marine iguana

The  Iguanas  sea are big and easy to identify because of the crown of thorns that carry over their heads. Amazingly, they can submerge up to 30 meters deep!

In addition,  we must also highlight the Desert Iguana. It lives mainly in the more arid areas of the Mojave Desert and can reach up to a meter in length in its adult phase.

the chameleons

The  chameleons  are certainly the most friendly and curious lizards we know. His ability to change the tone and appearance of his skin to outwit his predators is truly dazzling.


They are also distinguished by their very prominent eyes and their huge, wide retractable tongue. Today we can find chameleons in Spain, Hawaii, Asia and California.

Komodo dragon

Certainly, the Komodo dragon is the most imposing among all types of lizards in existence. Originally from Indonesia, they are considered the most dangerous and aggressive lizards in the world. In addition, they are huge and robust animals, which can measure more than three meters in length, with a body weight of up to 70 kilos.

Komodo dragon

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