Types Of Animal Abuse That Go Unnoticed

Types of animal abuse that go unnoticed

When we hear about types of animal abuse, we are very clear about what they mean. However, this goes beyond hitting or abandoning a dog. There are certain types of abuse against “cloaked” animals that can go unnoticed by the law and those around you.

Types of animal abuse that go unnoticed

It is obvious that if someone harms or mistreats any animal, we will report them. However, there are people who maintain certain attitudes towards their dogs that go unnoticed. These are some of the most common:


The abuse we are used to is always maliciously done. However, in case there is a camouflage, the situation changes.

Sometimes abuse can even be the result of the great love a person feels for their pet.

For example, there are many owners who inadvertently  humanize their pets.

They start talking to them as if they were a person, giving them a place on the couch and in bed, bathing them all the time, dressing them in new, stylish clothes in summer and warming them in winter. In short, they forget that the animal is an animal.

This is a form of abuse because the animal is prohibited, even if “lovingly”, to experience its instincts and assume its nature.

In this way, instead of letting it be what it is, a pet is created that adapts to the lifestyle of the person who humanizes it.

This generates, as a consequence, animals that are stressed, full of phobia, antisocial and even with anxiety disorders. Furthermore, they end up not knowing how to face adverse situations.

home abandonment

Animal abuse goes beyond street abandonment.  For example, it can be harmful to leave an animal at home alone for more than eight hours a day.

Furthermore, this case would be aggravated if the animal were left outdoors or locked in a room.

Dirty dog ​​stuck in snow and on a leash

Dogs are social animals that need the company and affection of others, in addition to giving affection. Being alone more than necessary is a form of abuse.

If at any time you see or suspect a situation like this,  report it to the proper authorities.

Not giving the necessary care

Many people may find that providing a roof over animals that have been abandoned is more than enough for their well-being.

Nothing is further from reality. Animals need food, hygiene, exercise, affection and tranquility.

We’ve already talked to you about Noah’s syndrome,  a psychological disorder that makes people accumulate animals in their homes without providing them with basic care.

This is another form of abuse punishable by law and which in no way looks after the good of animals or their rights.

Furthermore, in the case of Noah’s syndrome, when it occurs, unhealthy conditions are generated that can affect people who live nearby.

But sometimes there is someone with just one animal and they don’t take care of it as they should. This will also be considered abuse.

Forced labour

Who has never been to a circus as a child?  We liked to see the lions and elephants, and today there are those who like to ride an elephant in Thailand or a camel in Morocco.

But have you ever thought about what conditions they live in? In most cases, they suffer from some types of abuse against animals.

Circus Elephant: An Abuse Against Animals

They are often mistreated, spend hours outdoors in extreme temperatures,  and all this just so their owners can earn a few coins.

There was an actual case of an elephant that wept when released from chains that had held it prisoner for decades. In fact, a sad reality.

Watch out for any signs of covert abuse against animals, as it is everyone’s duty to ensure their good and their rights. Don’t be intimidated. Be brave and report!

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