Toy Bunny Characteristics: Learn How To Take Care Of Him

Thanks to its behavior and small size, this pet is suitable for any type of home, as well as being easy to care for.
Toy rabbit characteristics: know how to take care of it

The toy rabbit is in fashion, but until recently not much was known about its care and characteristics. It may be that you are considering adopting one. Or for simple curiosity want to know more about this beautiful animal. Anyway, we’ve told you everything you need to know about him in this text. Here we go?

Everything you need to know about the toy rabbit


Also known as the “dwarf rabbit”, because of its size, it is the perfect pet to have at home. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, as it measures at most 50 centimeters and weighs up to a kilo and a half.

The small size appears to be caused by a deficiency in growth hormones. Despite this, this “failure” does not affect the health of the toy rabbit at all.

Unlike other rabbits, their ears are shorter, their nose is flatter and their body is more compact. The fur is shorter and the most common colors are white, black, gray and brown.

toy rabbit

Character and personality

They are agile and playful animals, but also quite independent  in a way. Despite this, many toy rabbits have characteristics similar to those of dogs, both in obedience and in other aspects.

They can show nervousness, which makes neutering recommended, especially if you don’t want the animal to breed with others.

Thus, the rabbit will be calmer and will have a more peaceful coexistence. In addition, it will diminish his territorial instinct, shown through his urine and feces.

Do not support loud noises. Thus, they  need to live in houses where calm reigns, as well as a time when they can get away from it all. 

Another situation that causes discomfort in toy rabbits is height. So don’t lift it when you pick it up in your arms, as it will get scared and may even bite you.

toy rabbit with blue egg

Toy rabbit care

Thanks to the toy rabbit’s special personality, size and fears, there are a lot of cares you need to know about. We have separated the main ones below:

  • Brush the fur.  Although this rabbit’s fur is shorter, it is quite soft and fine, tangling easily.
  • Choose a suitable place for him. He needs not only a clean and cool place, but also a quiet and peaceful place.
  • Take care of his eyes. Although your fur is not that long, it is possible that it covers your eyes or accumulates discharge. Get used to checking this part of your rabbit’s face every day.
  • Exercises. Rabbits are nervous by nature and exercise is essential for them to be more balanced, fit and healthy.
  • Hay. Put hay in your toy rabbit’s cage, which will serve as a food supplement.
  • Food. Even though rabbits eat a lot of vegetables and other foods that we eat, it is important that they feed on a toy rabbit feed.
  • Bath. Rabbits tend to sanitize themselves in the same way as cats. Thus, they do not need a bath. But if for any reason they get too dirty, you can clean them with a damp towel.
  • Ears. Check his ears whenever you can. Although the toy rabbit’s ears are smaller than normal, they remain the perfect shelter for parasites and infections.
  • Vaccines. Rabbits have their own vaccination schedule, which must be strictly followed.

The toy rabbit is the perfect choice for a pet. After all,  the care they need is not much and, in addition, it is a silent and clean animal. 

If you decide to adopt one, follow our advice and tips and enjoy your new pet.

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