Top 10: Dogs’ Bad Habits

Top 10: the bad habits of dogs

T We all love our dogs, there’s no doubt about that. Over time, however, they acquire bad habits that, at times, make us nervous . Sometimes they are easy to change. Others, not so much. In this article, we’ll talk about the 10 most common bad habits, and we’ll give you some tips that we hope will be helpful in changing some of them.

The ten most common bad habits of dogs

We’re sure that everyone who has a dog at home will see it reflected in any of those bad habits on the list. They may not have it, but it is very likely that they have had it at some point.

Habit 1

Wreak havoc on the house. The first time you had a dog, when you took him home, he was a seemingly quiet and sweet puppy, until you left him alone to go to work. . When he came back, he saw how he spread garbage, bit at the curtains, knocked down pillows on the floor, and a host of other things we cannot enumerate.

Habit 2

filhote tomando banho

Lack of cleanliness. Dogs are different from cats. Therefore, we don’t expect them to do their needs in a sandbox or what that are always smelling good per clean up rem with your tongue . Thus, you must help with your dog’s hygiene. This cannot be included among the bad habits, but among the needs caused by their addiction.

Habit 3

He doesn’t come when they call him. If you are still a puppy, it is normal that you have not learned to obey this command. But if it’s an adult dog, it may be that you haven’t taught it correctly or that maybe the animal needs another type of training to learn the command “come” .

Habit 4

Jumping on people. Why are you complaining? He is a loving dog! Jokes aside, depending on the size of your dog, it may not be very pleasant for him to jump on people, especially if he does it with strangers who are not so fond of animals. Anyway, you must teach your pet to obey the “stop” command . Your dog must obey your voice and know when to stay with you, quiet.

Habit 5

Bark in excess. It is one thing to bark when you hear a strange noise that is not common around the house. Another, very different, is to do it every time you hear something . If this happens, it may be that since I was little I was very careful with noises, such as not flushing the toilet so as not to frighten you.

There are therapies that can help change what is one of the most feared habits for everyone, both owners and neighbors of the animal.

Habit 6

He fights with other dogs. It is not pleasant to see a dog that jumps over others, even more if we consider the anguish of the owner of the attacked animal who does not know if his pet is okay. To avoid this, it is important to teach him to socialize with other dogs from an early age. If you are an adult and this bad habit bothers you, you can opt for a professional trainer.

Habit 7

He pulls me while walking. Who is hanging out with whom? Sometimes this is not so clear when we take our dog for a walk, as he pulls on the leash so hard that we almost have to run to catch up.

You can teach him by buying a collar that is not extensible and with small tugs that do not harm the animal, showing him since he was little that you are the boss.

habit 8

cachorro brincando

Hyperactivity. If your dog never seems to run out of energy, he probably needs more exercise. Not all breeds are the same and not all dogs. Help your pet to burn and channel its energy by running around the park or on the beach, or any other sport . But first, ask your veterinarian which physical activity is best according to your pet’s health status.

habit 9

ask for food on the table . This behavior can be very uncomfortable for you and your guests. If you get him used as a puppy to be in your place, only eat after you and never give him ANYTHING from the table, he won’t ask.

habit 10

Bite everything you play with. There’s not much you can do about it. It’s your way of playing. Just get him used to not playing with his shoes, just his toys, and biting them whenever he wants. And of course, replace them when they’re destroyed.

We hope that our advice will help you. And you already know: love, affection, perseverance and patience, a lot of patience .

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