Three Puppies Survived Hotel Burial In Italy

Three puppies survived hotel burial in Italy

The press reported the avalanche that happened in Italy. Rescue teams searched for the missing in the ruins of the Rigopiano hotel, buried by an avalanche in the central region of the country. There, they found three surviving puppies. In this article, learn about their history.

The news was reported by local newspapers. The carabineiros (militarized police) located three puppies of mastiff in the boiler room of the hotel establishment. Eleven people were rescued, while nine others were found dead and 21 are still missing.

To save the little surviving puppies, experts tore down the wall that covered them. The dogs are in excellent health condition and will be taken care of by veterinarians. The furry ones are sons of Nuvola and Lupo, two mastiff dogs owned by the hotel manager.

An investigation into the dogs that survived

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Cristina Tedeschini, informed the press that an investigation has been opened covering all aspects of the event, including the construction of the hotel.

The building was located at 1300 meters of altitude. The causes that led to the burial of the hotel due to the intense snowfall that fell a week ago in the region are unknown.

The discovery of the surviving chicks was celebrated as confirmation that there could still be life among the hotel ruins five days after the avalanche.

The time to rescue the puppies

A member of the emergency team reported the timing of the rescue, saying the small dogs only barked softly. In his words: “The animals were difficult to find because they were hidden. Then we heard these low barks and saw them from a small hole the firefighters had opened in the wall. Then, we increase the opening and remove the puppies”.

Dogs that have survived many situations

Stray dogs are abundant in all countries. Usually thanks to the irresponsibility of their former owners. It is also true that an increasing number of people and groups are organizing to help combat this problem.

In our day to day we find very sad and unpleasant stories that happen to dogs. The most frequent case is abandonment.

To get close to dogs that have been abandoned, follow this advice.


  • A collar, blanket and food attractive to them will be of great help for our first contact with the animal.
  • The first step will be to leave the food at a safe distance from the dog and move away.
  • We will sit next to him, but without him feeling overwhelmed or frightened by our presence.
  • With a lot of patience, we keep bringing the food closer and closer, until the dog fully trusts us.
  • Gaining their trust is very important. Certainly a stray dog ​​is not used to caressing or caressing. On the contrary, he is always waiting for abuse because that is his experience. So let’s wait patiently for him to allow physical contact.
  • When we are able to put on the collar, a very important step will have already been taken. We will continue to offer care and food.
  • When possible, we will take you to a vehicle and transport you home or elsewhere. If the animal has a very damaged skin, with some type of infection or illness, we will cover it with the blanket so it doesn’t hurt.
  • U ma time at home, it is important to feed it initially with homemade food. The stray dog’s diet is often leftovers, and a sudden change to the feed can cause indigestion.
  • After he gets home and feeds, we’ll make a very comfortable bed.
  • It is essential to take him to the vet the next day so that he can be dewormed and get his vaccinations up to date. Lack of money is no excuse. There is always the option of asking for help from animal protection organizations in your city, posting posts with photos on social media for animal lovers to help, etc.
  • If we are not going to keep the abandoned animal, the best thing is to get in touch with an animal protection association to help us find a responsible home. Another good idea is to post on social media.

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