There Are Breeds Of Dogs With One Eye Of Each Color

There are dog breeds with one eye of each color.

If your pet has different colored eyes, you don’t need to worry too much. What may appear to be an anomaly is actually a product of the genetic makeup of this versatile and varied animal species. In fact, there are breeds of dogs with one eye of every color.

We must remember that there are more than 400 races, without taking into account the variations that are discovered and artificially produced. In any case, this is an interesting topic that the owner should be well informed about.

Basically, the anomalous coloration in the dog’s eyes is due to heterochromia. Here, we will know what this is about.

What is heterochromia: dogs with one eye of each color

For science, heterochromia is not a disease, but a characteristic. Nor can we say that this predisposition is causing serious vision problems for our pets.

Border Collie Dogs in the Forest in Autumn

Heterochromia is the lack of pigmentation caused by low levels of melanin. This substance is responsible for the pigmentation of the skin, hair and eyes. When we are faced with a puppy that has a different coloration, it is because he was simply born with that condition.

And, in fact, there is partial, complete and also hereditary heterochromia. What is certain is that there are some breeds of dogs that are predisposed to this phenomenon. That’s why we found dogs with one eye of each color.

Four variations of dogs with hereditary heterochromia

Perhaps the best known case of dogs with one eye of each color is the Siberian husky. It is believed that its own evolution in the cold climates of Russia had something to do with this predisposition, which was later transmitted genetically.

But this is not the only case. The Catahoula (American Leopard Hound), Border Collie and Australian Shepherd are also likely to develop such a genetic condition. Everything is due to the Merle gene, directly responsible for the transition of such characteristic.

In fact, it is believed that white fur lines are quite likely to be dogs with one eye of each color.

Waardenburg Syndrome

Like humans, animals can also suffer from the strange Waardenburg Syndrome. This phenomenon, also associated with lack of pigmentation, is much more common in dogs.

The most frequent case is that of the popular Dalmatians, a breed in which puppies with one eye of each color are normal. Not coincidentally, these dogs have anomalous pigmentation in their skin, and they also tend to be deaf or visually impaired.

other prone races

Most classes of dogs with a tendency to have white and brown fur can have animals with this characteristic. For example, there are many cases between the French Bulldog and the Pitbull Terrier.

The English Cocker Spaniel and the Boston Terrier also have the possibility of exhibiting this phenomenon. We can see that these variations are linked. They are mostly blends of the same modality: terrier, bulldog, etc.

Other animals that can breed puppies with this characteristic so peculiar are dogs with brindle skin.

Be alert to what?

It is possible that we are in the presence of a dog that has always had eyes the same color, but that changes. If your eyes become different over time, it is best to have a doctor’s appointment to check your health.

dog with eyes of different colors

Source: Andrés Landreau

A sudden change in eye color can be a symptom of glaucoma, a degenerative disease that can lead to partial or complete blindness. However, sometimes, hereditary heterochromia manifests itself in a delayed manner. In any case, it is always a good idea to dispose of any illness with the veterinarian.

What is certain is that there are many breeds of dogs with one eye of each color and, in most cases, this is perfectly normal.

dog legends

The existence of dogs with eyes of unusual color has been the subject of some myths and legends that have spread to some older peoples.

For example, Eskimo tribes believed that sled dogs that had this condition achieved higher-than-normal speeds when running. Other groups even thought that there was a special connection between these animals and spirits from another plane.

Main image source: Marty Barr

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