The Reaction Of An Abused Dog When Receiving The First Pet

The reaction of an abused dog when receiving the first pet

We have often told stories of mistreated dogs, and what shopkeepers and other people do to poor animals. Although these individuals like to hurt our friends, they apologize with the argument that since animals are not rational and have no feelings, they will not be traumatized. Here we present a rather outrageous history of mistreatment.

Both things are not true. Dogs know very well what it is to be treated badly and they know how to enjoy and thank you for a caress. And this is demonstrated by what we’re going to tell you today and the video we’ve posted here.

The effect of animal abuse

Stray dog

Depending on the type of abuse, this attitude can have several consequences for the animal. There is psychological and physical abuse, but both have a common sequel: behavior change.

Physical abuse

Even though we think about beatings and beatings, physical abuse can include many other things. We won’t list them because they’re cruel, but we’re sure you know what we’re talking about. But we want you to know that denying an animal water or food is considered abuse.

This type of abuse can cause great physical damage and even the death of the animal, not to mention the psychological damage it causes. A dog that has always been mistreated tends to be aggressive towards other humans who want to get close, or perhaps even try to run away.

Psychological abuse

This attitude includes screams or intimidating threats that make the animal live full of fear and fear. The animal will become elusive and avoid being around humans for fear it will scream or make it feel bad.

This type of maltreatment alters the animal’s normal life and prevents it from being a happy and affectionate dog with other animals or other people.  He may experience depression and sadness, which is difficult to cure.

Let’s fight together to end abuse

There are many things we can all do to fight abuse. It is true that there will always be unscrupulous bad people who will harm animals, but if we join forces, we will make these individuals outnumbered. Here we list what you can do:

  • Do not buy fur or decorative objects that come from any part of the animal. When they extract the skins or any other part of an animal, they do it cruelly and illegally. Don’t be complicit in something so bad!
  • Do not buy pets. These pets are bred on animal farms where females are used to get pregnant several times and when they can no longer do so, they are killed. Puppies that are not “perfect” are brutally murdered. Do you know how many beautiful and loving animals there are in the protective animal associations waiting to be adopted by a good and loving person like you?
  • Avoid attractions and animal shows. We understand that if you are going to Morocco you will probably want to ride a camel, but these, like many other animals used in attractions, are mistreated and are only allowed to eat and drink when following orders. Forget zoos and circuses too, they’re just more of the same.
  • Do not shut up in front of any kind of mistreatment. If we report every case, we can end this plague of aggressors.
  • If you find a mistreated animal on the street or abandoned, call a protective entity, they will pick it up and give the necessary attention until someone adopts it.

These are ways not only to fight abuse, but also to help our little friends, those we love so much and who give us so much joy every day.

This is the video we promise. It demonstrates the sad reaction of a mistreated little animal, but it also shows how it is possible to achieve great things with compassion, patience and affection.

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