The Famous Dug Dog From The Movie ‘Up’ Becomes Real

The famous Dug dog from the movie 'Up' becomes real

The well-known talking dog Dug, from the movie “Up”, appeared in real life, surprising children and adults, in a theme park in the United States.

The movie “Up” was created by Disney and Pixar in 2009 and won an Oscar. The plot stole the hearts of millions of people around the world. In it, we know the story of an old man who decides not to sell his house, and who ends up traveling to a place he always dreamed of visiting, along with his wife.

The leading role of the dog Dug

For those who love dogs as well as movies, we discovered the friendship between Mr Fredricksen, a grumpy old man who could not accept his new life without his wife, and Russell, the intrepid ‘Scout’ who only wanted to do good. Then comes Dug, their partner, who will soon have the opportunity to show his bravery and loyalty.

One of the most interesting parts of the movie happens when the dog Dug has a collar that allows him to talk and relate to people. For many furry owners, it would be a dream to have something like that. So we could interact much better with our pet.

There is no doubt that Dug was one of the characters that the film’s audience loved the most.

Amidst his ingenuity and with his touches of good humor, he not only makes the film’s protagonists stick with him, but also generates in all viewers the desire to have a Golden Retriever. And of course, to speak too.

dug becomes real

The magic was achieved a few days ago. Disney recently presented a video in which a beautiful dog of the same breed as Dug surprised adults, young people and children who were in a park in the United States.

But there were more surprises. The person speaking from the collar of the famous dog was none other than Bob Peterson. He was co-director of the film Up and original voice actor for Dug.

What phrases were heard? Some like “I’m a good dog”, “This is a great place to scratch”, “Ball! ”, “I must look for a stick”, “Goodbye, little human”. All these words came out of the dog’s collar.

a movie character

To all viewers of the movie “Up”, Dug was one of the characters that most pleased. This was achieved thanks to his innocence and his scenes of humor.

Another news is that the YouTube channel “ OH my Disney” created a video where a real dog plays Dug. He walks through a park on his leash.

It is very curious to observe the reaction of people and visitors to the park, children and adults. Every day a little one has the opportunity to play for a few moments with the dog Dug.

These daily scenes would correspond to the first episode of a project in the new series called “Disney IRL” (Disney in Real Life). The next chapters will be around several characters from the famous studio. They will face fun situations in real life.

A box office hit

We have to say that after its debut, “Up” had very positive reviews. It reached such a level that it would be worthy of recognition as the best film of 2009. In addition, it managed to raise more than 730 million dollars worldwide.

Also, it was the third most successful film by the production company, losing only to other productions, such as “Finding Nemo”, from 2003, and “Toy Story 3”, from 2010.

In terms of other awards, in addition to the two Oscars, it is the second animation that was nominated for best film, the first being “Beauty and the Beast”, in 1991.

Other recognitions include Golden Globes in the categories of best animation and best soundtrack.

The choice of name and its dubbing

To choose the name of the dog Dug, its breeders claim that it took a lot of time and effort. Pixar takes great care in creating its characters. However, the name Dug had already emerged from the beginning, although it was not chosen in the first instance.

Bob Peterson, who was in charge of the original voice acting for the dog Dug, assured him that this is the most fun character he’s ever worked with. And look, he has already given his voice to different characters, in films such as “Monsters SA”, “Finding Nemo” and “Cars” .

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