The 5 Most Peculiar Animals In The World

These species stand out from the others for their striking appearance. There are some animals that seem to have come from another planet.
The 5 most peculiar animals in the world

All species have something that catches our attention, because they are very different to human beings. However, the most peculiar animals in the world are those we cannot believe exist. We guarantee it is not fiction!

What are the most peculiar animals?

They look like they’re taken from a movie or a Jules Verne story, but the truth is, these rare species do exist. Meet some of the most peculiar animals in the world… they are unique!

  1. tarsium-spectrum

We started the list with a small mammal endemic to Indonesia that prefers forests, mangroves and tropical areas over a thousand meters tall.

The  tarsium-spectrum  (image that opens this article) has the ability to climb and hold vertically in trees up to two meters high.

The curious thing is that it is a small animal, which does not exceed 30 centimeters, with large eyes and a brown body. Also, its fingers are “splayed” like a frog’s.

  1. panac

It is not just one species, but an entire family of fish native to South America (such as from the Amazon River ), known for their “ability” to eat wood.

Its sucker-shaped mouth with up and down teeth allows it to grip rocks or submerged logs and spend hours or even days in them.

panaque fish

The panaques have robust bodies and are protected by rigid skin plates, as they do not have scales. This type of armor is used as a defense against predator attacks.

  1. squid worm

This is another of the most peculiar animals that live in the sea, belonging to the family of annelids, such as earthworms. It is found in the Philippines and Indonesia and feeds on plankton.

squid worm

So far, everything looks pretty ‘normal’, except that  the squid worm is provided with 25 pairs of oars on the sides of its body and 10 tentacles that grow from its head. 

This gives you a squid appearance. Another interesting fact is that young specimens are transparent. As they grow, the body darkens and becomes covered with a gelatinous structure.

  1. star nose mole

We could say that it is one of the most well-known strange animals on the list. This mammal of  the Talpidae family  is native to North America and,  as the name suggests, has a ‘pointed’ nose like a star.

star nose mole

The star nose mole is blind and lives underground most of the time. Thanks to its strange snout with pink tentacles, it can capture its food, mainly worms, crustaceans and insects.

Also, the front legs are turned back and are very strong, allowing you to dig and move around.

  1. puff marine dragon

Finally, this species of seahorse is one of the most peculiar animals we can find under the sea. It is a fish with the body of a seahorse (although it is larger) on which foliage ‘grows’ all over the body.

Said extensions in the form of leaves are intended for camouflage and protection, so as not to be devoured.

puff marine dragon

The leafy sea dragon can move through the water as if it were a floating seaweed and also change color depending on the occasion.

He is a master of  camouflage ! If he needs to move faster or in another direction, he wears transparent fins that make him look even more like algae.

Without a doubt, animals are the most wonderful thing there is, and every day they amaze us with their habits, their evolution and their abilities.

All are quirky or catch our attention for some reason, although some of them are really amazing.

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