Thai Company Allows You To Take Dog To Work

Taking your dog to work has benefits in terms of productivity, stress levels and peer relationships.
Thai company allows you to take a dog to work

Taking the dog to work seems to be in fashion in many countries, and while these initiatives are starting to work well in European countries, some Asians are also opening the door to the novelty.

Can you imagine being able to take your dog to work?

A company from Bangkok, Thailand, wanted to join the therapeutic initiative to allow dogs to work with their owners. While this is not something that can be done in any type of office, this particular company is trying to prove the results and benefits of bringing pets and people together at work.

The project’s trial period at the Admyn Online Agency seems to have made it clear that having pets in the workplace created a better environment and reduced stress, not only for pet owners but also for other employees,  and it increased everyone’s productivity.

Many may think this sounds crazy, but we already know that several studies support this fact. Surveys conducted by large pet-related companies provided very relevant data.

work with the dog on the side

For example, 75 million citizens believe that working with their dogs makes them happier ; 70 million said this reduces stress, for themselves and those around them; 47 million believe that having pets at work creates a better and more productive environment; 41 million say the initiative allows them to create more intimate and lasting relationships with their peers.

Could you ask for more than an act as simple and noble as taking your pet to work? This action is nothing new, as pioneering companies such as Google, Amazon and Nestlé are already allowing the presence of animals in some of their offices. 


Every subject always has two sides. While it’s true that the benefits of working with animals extend to everyone, including those who don’t take a dog to work, not everyone likes dogs and some have allergies to them.

So, on the one hand, it is believed that working with animals can create better relationships with your peers, but on the other hand, there will be some people with whom you will have a worse relationship for the same reason.

Disadvantages of going to work with your dog

Although you only have to gain, you need to take others into consideration to avoid bad ‘vibrations’. After all, our workplace is where we spend the most hours of our day.

Companies have taken this into account and are demanding that pets that go to work have their immunization and deworming cards up to date, are clean, have their nails trimmed and their fur well brushed … In summary, they must have good health and a good looking.

Obviously, they must stay away from those with allergies, or the company will be responsible for moving these people to a location where they are away from the dogs.

The important thing is that the presence of pets in the workplace is something beneficial to everyone  and that it reduces the workers’ stress, not that it starts to make those who don’t like or have allergies to them nervous.

While Asian countries generally do not present themselves as innovators in projects like this, we are happy that Thailand has taken this a step further. Initiatives like this can help make pets their proper place in society.

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