Teach Your Dog To Be Clean

teach your dog to be clean

For your dog to be polite, obedient and clean, it will depend on the education you give your pet since puppy. While it’s true that there are races smarter than others, it’s convenient for all of you to teach from an early age what you want him to learn and do certain things.

The first thing to  teach a dog is cleanliness. The dog must be taught not to do his needs anywhere, you must indicate the places where it can be done, he will learn quickly, but you have to give the guidelines for the dog to follow.

In this article, we’d like to give you some simple advice on how to teach your dog to keep himself clean and to take care of his needs outside the home. Don’t forget that patience will be your greatest ally.

Teach your dog as a puppy


It is a concern of all that our dogs do their needs in the right place and at the right time, no one likes to find excrement everywhere and even if the house smells like urine.

This is where we must act immediately and teach our pet since puppy where and when they can do their needs.

The behavior of a dog is different from that of a cat, dogs are not born with the lesson already learned, we who have to teach the rules and how to comply with them.

prepare an area for him

When we adopt a puppy and bring it home, we must give the animal a place to put its food plate and one for water.

In an airy space, a place should be prepared for the animal to do its needs. You should know that the location must always be the same and always covered with newspaper.

One tip is to wait and see where he first took care of his needs, so this should be the place chosen to hold the excrement, covered by newsprint.

When you are at home, keep your eyes open when you realize that the animal wants to fulfill your needs and try to take it to the chosen area and when the animal does you should reward it with petting, a toy and words of motivation.

If instead you catch him “in the act” doing his needs elsewhere, you have to scold him and take him to the space reserved for that, explaining that his needs must be done in that area.

The more the dog grows, it is possible to go slowly removing the newspapers and taking the animal to do its needs on the street.

start out to the street


With your dog vaccinated and prepared, it ‘s time to teach him to go outside to walk and go to the bathroom, but don’t think he will learn from day one, it may take a while for the animal to get used to it, so we should definitely not take the newspaper out of the house.

Ideally, it should always be at the same time or at least the same part of the day. For example, before we get up and before bed, but it all depends on your schedule. Don’t forget he’s still a puppy and he needs time.

Likewise when he does his needs outside, we should reward him and show our joy. But don’t be disappointed if you spend hours on the street with your pet and it can’t do anything, then when you get home, it goes straight to the reserved area to collect the droppings.

It’s normal at first as he recognizes this space as a designated area for this. But don’t give up, because he will learn.

Some tips

It is very important that you teach your dog from puppy, when they are older, it is much more difficult, as they are with their established habits.

Remember, the key to success is patience and tenacity, you need to repeat and insist and when you achieve what you expect, reward it immediately.

But if he doesn’t do what you asked, you shouldn’t hit him, let alone run your muzzle in the droppings, this should never be done.

Don’t forget to create a routine and stick to the established times for going out. There will come a time when the animal itself will remind you that it is time to leave.

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