Take Care Of Your Pet When You’re Out And About

Take care of your pet when you are out and about

If you work long hours in an office or in a store, and your pet is at home alone, there are a number of ways to keep him from getting bored, destroying furniture, or going hungry. Take care of your pet when you are out and about by following the advice below. 

Take care of your dog wherever you are

We get heartbroken when we have to leave them alone when we go to work or college. We must fulfill our obligations, even if it means our four-legged friend spends hours and hours alone every day. We would love to take you to work, but few companies allow this (so far).

Some dogs tend to spend their time sleeping peacefully when no one is home, but others  get bored easily and start breaking everything they see in front of them:  furniture, objects, their own bed, their toys, etc.

Little dog named Olivia, with nameplate

It is also important to remember those pets that, in our absence, bark, howl and cry. How can you find out this is happening? Because your neighbors will tell you everything. In this case, fear and anxiety are making the pet suffer a lot.

Our advice for taking care of your pet when you are out and about

Of course, you can’t stop working to keep your pet company (although you can work from home these days), so to take care of your four-legged best friend without being by your side, pay attention in the following advice:

1. Don’t make him a dependent animal

The animal has to know how to have fun on its own,  and that means having several new toys. If you can afford it, buy a different toy a month to keep him from getting bored. Either way, you need to buy a toy that doesn’t require interaction.

2. Don’t overprotect your pet

When you get home, of course you can spend time together, but then it’s important that you spend time without your puppy. It is not necessary for him to follow you until it is time to take a shower or for him to climb into bed or on the sofa. The animal must learn that you will not always be available to him, even when you are in the next room.

3. Leave it in a quiet environment

When you go out in the morning, we recommend that  the house be well organized. Of course, your pet won’t notice if you haven’t made the bed, but he will notice the energy that surrounds him. Also, you can purchase one of these water fountains (in the zen style, which are in fashion) to calm the animal down. Another option is to leave the radio or television on so that the pussy doesn’t feel so alone.

4. Take your pet for a walk early in the morning

Take care of your dog, taking him to exercise in the morning. That way  he will tire and channel his energies. In the next few hours, he will no longer be so active and will lose the desire to play pranks. And when you come back, offer him food so that while he’s digesting, he’ll be more relaxed.

5. Don’t make a drama out of this situation

No hugs, exchanges of affection and sad looks when leaving the house. Let the pet stay in its own bed or wherever it wants to be. Don’t say goodbye to him as if you’re never going to see each other again. Act naturally, get your things, open and close the door very slowly and that’s it. Maybe it takes him an hour to realize you’re gone.

In addition to putting into practice the advice given above, we recommend that you take advantage of new technologies to entertain your pet when you are not at home. Thanks to the Pawbo+ device, life will be more fun for your dog or cat.

This is an excellent proposal, as it allows you to monitor your pet through your cell phone or a camera  that sends images (using its own application). Not only that, it also has a microphone and a speakerphone that allows you to communicate with your pet without the need to be present.

Among its main advantages, we can highlight:  a candy storage tray  that can be programmed to be opened whenever we want. Always remember to reward your good behavior!

In addition, it  offers integrated play, with lights to interact with your dog,  when you’re at the office, and him at home. If you want to keep these beautiful moments, the app stores the images and videos, which can also be shared on social networks.

If you have a cat, also purchase the Acer Pawbo Catch,  controlled from your smartphone, remotely. The days of boredom for your pets are over, take care of your puppy every moment of your life!

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