Syrian Refugees Leave Everything But Their Pets!

Syrian refugees leave everything but their pets!

If you were in the middle of a catastrophe and had to run away, would you remember to get your pet? Well, we would all say yes, but no one can know how they will react to this situation until they live it. However, hundreds of Syrian refugees, who had to flee because of the sad situation in their country, demonstrated that their love for their pets goes even further.

It’s just that when we see that life is at stake, many think only about saving themselves, but these refugees gave us a lesson in courage, loyalty and love.

The situation in Syria



Although we are all aware of the problem in this country, we will talk a little about it. Syria is in a relentless war that is costing the lives of thousands of people, whether women, men or children, as well as animals.

Everyone struggles to save their own lives and little time is left to try to help others, as they know that doing so could cost them their own lives.

Many have lost several members of their family in the same day and found themselves immersed in a deep sadness that doesn’t allow them to do anything, but at least makes them try to save their own lives.

Due to this unfortunate situation, many European countries provided asylum for those who wanted to escape their nation. It’s not much they could take, however, many chose to leave some clothes behind so they could take their pets. Unconditional love has no end…

Syrians and their pets, their history

Although many Syrians fled their country on foot, they decided that their pets would accompany them, aware that the animals would not be able to make it all the way, they were willing to carry them in prams or other means, as if see in many of the photos that have been shared on social media.

There are hundreds of real stories of pets who could flee the sorry state of their country and also save their lives. We’ll tell some of these stories:

  • Zeytun. A curious name for a cat, as it means “olive”. We don’t know why its owner gave it that name, what we do know is that the owner was willing to travel with him from Syria in a small boat to reach Lesbos, Greece.
  • Johnny is the dog of a young Syrian couple who accompanied them on a walking trip to Germany, a whole saga! This was possible thanks to the willingness of its owners to take it in a baby carriage during some parts of the journey so that it could finish the journey. Its owners claim that it never crossed their minds to leave it behind.
  • Teddy. In this case, it is the pet of a young man who also did not want to leave it behind and took the risk of taking it in a boat to Greece as well. Both arrived well.



In addition to these stories, in Hungary there were hundreds of refugee pets, although all of them had to comply with some minimum safety measures, such as having their vaccines up to date and everything being well controlled in terms of health.

But just as people in Syria are in danger, so are animals, without food or shelter, left to fend for themselves. Therefore, leaving them there, with no one to turn to, would be abandonment, the cruelest abuse these pets could receive.

For this reason, the example of many Syrians who even have to fight for their own lives, but who assumed the responsibility of having a pet and took it knowing that it would be an extra effort, gives us a great lesson. Fighting abuse and abandonment is everyone’s responsibility and, furthermore, responding to the love that our pets give us is our duty.

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