Street Dog Home Building Initiative

Home building initiative for stray dogs

In many countries, the number of dogs that live on the streets is a big problem that they don’t know how to solve or don’t have the necessary means for the campaigns to bear fruit. Therefore, some private organizations are in charge of giving these unowned dogs shelter and food. In this case, we are going to tell you about an initiative aimed at building houses for stray dogs under the motto: “If you can’t give dogs a home, at least build one for them”.

Chilean homeless dog house project

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The city of Coquimbo is full of pets that roam the streets, fight over garbage, that get hurt when there is a puppy in heat… this is not something that goes unnoticed by the residents, but few actually do anything about it.

A group of young people gathers twice a week (on Tuesdays and Saturdays) to make cardboard houses and reusable materials that provide shelter and refuge for homeless dogs. Amor e Resgate Cachorrinhos de Rua is the name of this organization founded by a 15-year-old girl who started by feeding the dogs in the Main Square of that city and who soon began to gather supporters for her initiative.

They take care of getting cardboard boxes from nearby markets and stores and then adapting them so that the puppies have a place to sleep, especially when it’s cold. Although cardboard is not a waterproof material, the idea is that the animals have at least a roof and a warm place to spend the night.

Two similar initiatives in Argentina with stray dog ​​houses

“Projeto Ambulante” is one of the many that want to give stray dogs a better life. With the permission of the neighbors on the block, the volunteers provide a house for dogs that “live” in the neighborhood. Furthermore, they are in charge of vaccinating and sterilizing them.

However, their action does not end there, as they monitor the animal, feed it and look for a definitive home for it. Because they do not receive help from the government or any other organization, they ask citizens to get involved by donating materials, not money.

“If I can’t give them my home, I can at least give them a roof”, this is the motto of this group that builds houses with wood so that they are more resistant, they put blankets, mattresses or screens inside them. and outside they put a plate with food and another with water.

The second example that is worth imitating is of a group of women from the city of Paraná, also in Argentina, who install “a little solidarity house”, wooden houses so that stray dogs can protect themselves from the cold or rain.

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The initiative started by placing houses in parks and neighborhoods, and today there are many volunteers who offer to continue this work. Of course, they don’t receive money from any means and work with the materials that people bring. Little by little, the city becomes full of “little houses” and the animals have a place to sleep at night.

Although these initiatives are not the solution to the problem of the number of dogs that live on the streets and are only a palliative measure, at least they make the daily life of stray dogs more pleasant and pleasant.

Furthermore, by taking charge, in many cases, of sterilization, the situation is prevented from getting worse. It’s true that we can’t take care of all the dogs that are abandoned, but at least when we take care of one or two we’ll be changing their lives completely. And we don’t even have to take them to our house! We can help these dogs by building a shelter with materials that we have available or that will end up in the garbage.

Is it not worth it?

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