Sometimes We Don’t Deserve As Much Love As What Pets Give Us

Sometimes we don't deserve as much love as what pets give us

On many occasions, we hear expressions like: “Animals are better than many people”. It’s hard, but sometimes it’s a reality. Animals give us an immeasurable amount of love, regardless of the circumstances.

Sometimes we get angry with our pets, we scream and often even spank them. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that we don’t love them, but even so, they always continue to show us huge love. In this article we will see in what ways. But a lot of people keep thinking that animals don’t have feelings, is that right?

Do our pets have feelings?

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This is an eternal debate between animal lovers and non-lovers. The first group says yes, while the second denies it, relying on the argument that there are no confirmed studies. This second statement is correct. No studies can confirm that animals have feelings. Although it is fully demonstrated that humans have feelings and yet many seem not to.

This is a blog that loves and defends pets and, therefore, our opinion is that animals do have feelings. Why do we think like that? Very simple: think how much your dog is happy to see a member of your family, but does not do the same with other people, or analyze how he is able to recognize your scent even though you are still on the corner of your house.

Do you remember a time when your pet jumped on your leg because he loves your pampering? Absolutely yes! And when you’re asleep and he’ll wake you up with his licks?

Is there anyone left who can say that pets don’t have feelings? If all these things were done by one person, it would be called love, or affection. How do our pets show us their love?

How do our pets show us their love?

There are many ways in which our pets show us their love. In this case, today we will focus on dogs, the favorite pet of most people.

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  • Your enthusiasm to see us. It doesn’t matter if it’s been two days (it’s an exaggeration, we understand you wouldn’t leave your pet alone all this time), or five minutes, when you open the door of your house, there he is, yes, your faithful friend giving jumps around you like crazy. Sometimes it looks like he’s going to have a heart attack with enthusiasm. Don’t you believe this is love?
  • Your forgiveness. In many occasions our pets do something that is not right, especially if they are puppies. They can go through the trash, eat something we left on the table, or any other prank. Admittedly, we got a little angry and tried to teach him that this isn’t right. The animal doesn’t like it, of course, who likes to be scolded? But never mind, if you call him two minutes later, he will come because he loves you.
  • Your company. Have you noticed your pet’s reaction when you get sick? He is your best nurse, he doesn’t leave you for a moment, he licks you to make you feel better and he lies down beside you, so close he almost pushes you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been like this for two hours or two days, it won’t leave you for an instant.
  • Your empathy. We’ve all cried at one time in front of our pet. Sometimes we even imitate a cry to show our friends that our furry faithful will undoubtedly come to our aid. Please don’t do this, it’s cruel. When you cry and the pet comes, it’s because it’s suffering with you too and wants to do everything within reach of its hands, its paws rather, to make you feel better.

Even dogs that have been abandoned or mistreated show us unconditional love. There is no doubt that if animals have feelings, they are all good. No one who has ever been treated cruelly would be so pure as to give their love and trust to other people.

But our pets have this ability. Of course, animals need a little more patience, but they’ll also give us their love. Sometimes I wonder if we deserve so much love from animals…. Do you really think they are the irrational ones?

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