Return The Ball: How To Teach Your Dog

Return the ball: how to teach your dog

Returning the ball when it’s thrown by you is one of the most fun activities you can do with your dog, plus it will help your four-legged friend exercise and develop intelligence.

If you want your dog to learn to bounce the ball, you will have to perform a series of steps necessary to do this. These are the most important steps.

make him look for the ball

dog playing with ball

To start this fun learning process, the first thing you should do is teach your dog to look for the ball; which is a simple training that just consists in making the dog start to feel interest in this object, since the key to all things is for the dog to feel entertained and comfortable with what you want to teach him.

To catch the dog’s attention by the ball, the first thing you should do is play with the ball for several minutes without throwing it at all. Make her bounce on the ground several times, let the dog sniff her, shake her in his muzzle and finally let him grab her so that he becomes familiar and interested in her.

Order your dog to grab the ball

When your dog has accepted the object and becomes familiar with it, you should take the next step, which consists of letting him grab the ball only when you indicate it, by an order, which is actually one of the most popular activities. important things you must do so that he learns how to play this very fun game.

You should take into account that when you do this, there is a possibility that your little four-legged friend will not instinctively grab the ball, which is something that can easily happen and does not represent any kind of error or unwanted situation.

When this happens, the only thing you have to do is to goad him, gently press the top and bottom of his jaw to get him to open his mouth, and then you put the ball in him.

Once your dog has been able to comply with the order, it is very important to reward and congratulate him every time he does the process correctly, as this will allow him to repeat the process permanently.

teach him to drop the ball

Here, at this point, it is important to point out that this is the step that will require the most patience, as it is often the most difficult step for many owners.

When your little friend learns to catch the ball when you ask, getting him to release it is usually a little more complicated, as it’s something that confuses the dog, because he doesn’t understand why you order him an action in a moment. , and then ask him just the opposite.

The best way to achieve this is to hold your hand in front of his muzzle while he has the ball and then order him to release it, as this way you will get him to do it by himself, which is extremely important. if you want this training to take place correctly.

It is highly recommended that you never try to take the ball away from him when he has it in his mouth, as this would make him understand that once the ball is in his snout, you will take it out of him.

throw the ball and bounce the ball

return the ball

Once your dog has learned to catch and release the ball, you should then release it and then order it to fetch and then return the ball to you.

For this, it is highly recommended to choose a large place to practice this activity with your partner, as this way he will feel freer by having space to move. Although at the beginning of the process your dog may not get the ball, always follow these steps:

  • Make him feel.
  • Let him play alone with the ball for a moment.
  • Make him let go.
  • Play it.

When you have completed these four steps, your dog will look for the ball with great excitement and will discover a new game that he will certainly enjoy.

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