Rescued A Dog 9 Days After An Earthquake

Rescued a dog 9 days after an earthquake

When tragedies such as earthquakes occur, which lead to entire cities in ruins, little stories always emerge. They give back hope amidst the death and pain of so many beings, humans and animals. That’s why it’s encouraging to know that they rescued a dog 9 days after an earthquake that recently struck central Italy.

So they rescued a dog from the rubble that his house became

The furry in question is called Romeo and is a Golden Retriever that, despite the time he was buried, came out almost unharmed. It is supposed that somehow the animal was protected inside a cavity among the ruins of the house. Afterwards, he was able to access some water cooler and possibly also food. When he was removed from among the rubble, although a little disoriented, he soon began to walk normally and sniff everything and wag his tail in front of those present.

The dog’s owners had already given him up for dead after trying to find him without success. They had returned to the place where their home used to be to try to retrieve some belongings. Suddenly, they heard barking and called the rescuers. Immediately, they began the search that culminated in the appearance of Romeo, safe and sound.

Here are some pictures of how they rescued this dog in Amatrice, 9 days after the earthquake measuring 6 on the Richter scale. This earthquake caused the death of about 300 people.

hope among the ruins

Faced with situations as terrible as those that cause earthquakes of this magnitude, human drama usually imposes itself on other victims. These are quieter and tend to be pets and other animals that inhabit breeding sites, zoos or farms.

But different entities, public or private, act in the midst of these tragedies to help the little animals that were trapped in the rubble. Also to look for those who have lost their human families or got lost and wander disoriented through the disaster region.

If there is a chance of reuniting with their owners, the good news amidst the devastation comforts both pets and people. For those who have lost all material possessions and possibly even their loved ones, being reunited with their furry friends is a blessing amidst a bleak backdrop.

The kitten Gioa also managed to be rescued

This was the case, for example, with Daniela Tursini. A woman who begged rescuers to find her cat Gioia (Alegria). “It’s the only thing I have left,” said the woman. She was also a resident of Amatrice, one of the places most affected by the earthquake.

Finally, Tursini’s request was heard and after remaining buried for 5 days under the rubble, the kitten was found alive. If you want to see images of Gioa’s rescue, here we share a video.

The kitten was dehydrated, but after being examined by the vets, any major health inconvenience was ruled out and she was able to return to her owner’s arms immediately.

Pietro, the survivor


Source: ENPA Facebook – Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali

But, of all the stories, the one about the cat Pietro is possibly the most moving. This story became famous in much of Italy. The feline survived 16 days under the rubble, also in Amatrice.

When rescuers heard a moan among the ruins, they could not believe that after so long since tragedy, there was still hope of finding someone alive.

The animal was absolutely dehydrated and malnourished, with serious kidney problems and a fractured jaw. And, despite the few remaining chances of recovery, he is making a comeback and is progressively improving.

Images source: and ENPA’s Facebook – Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali.

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