Puli, A Rastafarian Dog From The Carpathians

Although it was used as a herding breed, this specimen is perfectly suited to the role of guard dog. Due to its intelligence and patient and tolerant behavior, it is an ideal dog to live with children.
Puli, a Rastafarian dog from the Carpathians

Remember when we talked about Rastafarian dogs? We cannot let a smile on seeing them or thinking about them. They are funny, fun and watching them run is a   unique showDo you want to meet Puli, one of the most famous Rastafarians? Well, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it!

The Puli, a peculiar Rastafarian

origin and history

This, like other Rastafarian dogs  ,  was used as a shepherd of sheep, as this dog is properly prepared to fulfill this task and its appearance plays an important role in it.

Apparently, the first registered puli was found in Iraq, buried next to its owner. This breed greatly surprised people at that time, as their fur had never been seen before. About 1 100 years ago, they started arriving in Hungary, the country to which the origin of the puli is attributed.

Over time, the breed almost disappeared, because it was so valued that  a herdsman would have to pay a full year’s wages for a breed. This meant that the demands were greater and that some of the litters did not meet the standards of intelligence and good performance characteristic of the breed.


Cães puli

Physical characteristics

With so much hair involved, it’s hard to give standards. Without a doubt, his fur is what characterizes him most. A huge  mane full of dreadlocks that sometimes crawls on the floor. This fur makes the animal look much fatter than it actually is.

The accepted colors for the puli are black, leonado and any type of gray. Sometimes black masks or white patches are allowed on some areas of the body, such as between the toes.

Its measurements are between 35 and 50 centimeters, and its weight varies from 10 to 15 kilos, depending on whether it is female or male.

Its tail, like the rest of its body, is covered with hair, so it is almost imperceptible, although it bends to add a touch of elegance to its posture and walk.

Puli race

The puli  is a strong animal, with strong limbs and very suitable for exercise  and competition in canine sports such as  agility and  canicroos.

Puli personality and behavior

Puli dogs are characterized by being very  intelligent, docile, selfless, patient and tolerant. They are ideal  for being with children because they will become your ideal companions.

Due to his past as a sheepdog,  the quality of surveillance is innate to him, so he will make an excellent guard dog when needed,  while being very affectionate with his family. He would give his life to protect her if necessary.

However, this virtue also requires good socialization from an early age so that he will not treat his friends as strangers when they arrive at his house.

health and care

It is a healthy breed, but has a  propensity for  certain diseases, such as  hip dysplasia and vision problems, including cataracts.

It is noteworthy that this is an  active dog and will need a daily dose of exercise, although it is not necessary to be intense.

Your hair should not be combed, so as not to eliminate dreadlocks that grow naturally. Look under their fur to see if there are no fleas or ticks. For the rest, just enjoy a breed that is excellent as a pet. Would you like to have a puli at home?

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