Prevent Your Cat From Climbing On The Couch

It is advisable not to reinforce this behavior, especially when they are newly adopted puppies. Cats are looking for comfort, so you can offer them a bed that mimics the comfort of the sofa.
Prevent your cat from climbing on the couch

Cats like to climb on furniture to get an inside view of the house or just enjoy a quiet nap. But you  should prevent your furry friend from climbing onto the couch or bed for health and hygiene reasons.

Can cats be trained?

Unfortunately,  the belief that cats do not need or cannot be trained is still common in popular culture, but this is absolutely false. Cats are very intelligent and sensitive, so they not only can but must also learn the basic rules of living together.

We must understand that cats are independent animals and that each kitten has a unique personality. And that doesn’t mean they can’t learn or obey their owners like dogs do. They simply  need to receive an education geared to their needs and their way of understanding reality.

Dogs and  cats  perceive, interpret and express information from their environment in totally different ways. Therefore,  pretending that our kittens learn at the same pace or with the same techniques as dogs is a serious mistake.

cat on the couch

There is no single way to educate our pets, just as there is no universal formula for learning our children. In reality,  educational methodologies must adapt to the nature of each species and the particularities of each individual.

Do you want to prevent your cat from climbing on the couch?

If we want to prevent our cat from climbing on the couch, the first thing we must do is not reinforce this behavior. When we have just adopted a puppy, we tend to allow everything to see him comfortable, safe, and happy. However, it is during childhood that animals acquire the customs that lead to adulthood.

If we allow the cat to climb onto the couch, it will assimilate this behavior as permissible and harmless. Afterwards, you will continue using this mobile to rest or to feel warm during the cold days, also in your adult stage. And when the animal has already established a habit as part of its routine, it becomes more difficult to remove it.

It is essential to  start your cat’s education from its arrival in the new home. To prevent your cat from climbing onto the couch or bed, don’t let this habit get into your routine. While saying “no” to a cute puppy may seem a little cruel, it will be critical to their education.

black cat in bed

Tips to prevent your cat from climbing on the couch

Offer you a very comfortable bed.

Many cats climb into an armchair or bed because they cannot find a comfortable, warm place to rest. Each kitten should have its own bed or pillow where it can sleep and relax.

We can also  provide a cardboard box with a blanket and some toys inside. Cats like to have their own haven to play and enjoy their leisure time.

enrich your environment

Cats are often diagnosed with symptoms of stress or boredom. And most of these kittens have a sedentary routine because they can’t find an enriched environment to stimulate their body and mind. As a result, they may adopt undesirable habits, such as sitting on the couch, bed, shelves, or curtains.

It is necessary to observe your home and see if your cat has toys, scrapers and accessories to exercise and be distracted during your absence. Remember that  environmental enrichment can help improve your kitten’s behavior and improve her cognitive abilities.

use positive reinforcement

The educational method with punishments is not effective for training our puppies. In fact, it should not be used on any animal as it is based on triggering negative emotions such as fear or insecurity. Cats do not show submission to a person with irrational behavior, nor do they learn with violent methods.

Positive reinforcement is the safest and most effective way to teach our pets good habits.  With that, we will be conserving your physical and mental well-being. When teaching your kitten, remember to give a prize to recognize each good behavior and encourage its learning.

Prizes do not necessarily have to be ‘gift food’. In addition to treats, we can offer toys, accessories, caresses or delicious homemade food.

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