Pitbull Saves Owner’s Life Who Had A Heart Attack

Pitbull saves owner's life who has had a heart attack

Dogs are fascinating animals, besides having a great intelligence and a lot of sensitivity. It is common to hear among dog owners how they react to the owner’s different moods, whether their masters are nervous or sad.

Sometimes we also hear stories of heroism, where having a dog around becomes the difference between life and death.

Today we’ll tell you the story of how  a Pitbull saved its owner’s life in Florida.

Pitbulls are a powerful breed, including breeding is prohibited in some regions and basically are known as dangerous dogs.

However, something that must be taken into account is that these dogs require proper education and the aggressive behavior that some can present, generally, are due to poor education.

However, when they are well educated, they  are intelligent and loyal animals. They can do extreme things when they see us in danger, as in the case that we’ll tell you below:

The story of a Pitbull who saved his owner’s life


One case that became very famous in late 2013 was that of a man who was helped by his dog when he suffered a heart attack at home.

On November 7, 2013, Doug Smith, a man who lives in Clearwater, (Florida United States), returned to his home after completing some expediting. On that day he felt particularly unwell, so he sat for a moment on the sofa and, before he knew it , he fainted.

The man was having cardiac arrest and there was no one at home who could help him except Zane, his dog.

Luckily for Smith, Pitbull Zane noticed that something was up with its owner and began barking constantly at the window, drawing the attention of people passing in front of the house.

One of Smith’s neighbors thought the situation was abnormal and called Smith’s brother.

A few minutes later, he arrived home and, seeing Zane’s altered state, decided to call 911.

This entire episode lasted only 15 minutes, so Smith was able to receive prompt attention and was saved from the incident without further complications.

Pitbull breed dog

Smith’s recovery took about 2 months and while recovering at the rehab center, Zane was taken in by the Pinellas Animal Protection Society, where he had also been adopted by Smith years ago.

Even so, Zane didn’t have a bad time, as news of his heroism spread like gunpowder and many people stopped by to see how he was doing and left him toys and food.

The moment Zane was reunited with Smith during a rehab visit was televised. The happy Pitbull was shown with its master and the caption that said: “I saved my owner’s life”.

After this visit, Smith still had to remain at the center for a few more weeks , until finally the two could return home.

Today, it is known that they continue to live together and lead a little more peaceful life.

Smith feels happy and secure having Zane by his side, as he knows he can count on him in the worst of situations and hopes to be able to share many more years and experiences with him.

An important part of this story is that it has helped to clean up the image of the Pitbulls in Florida a bit. This is not the only known case of a dog of this breed coming to the aid of a person.

We hope that this will serve to sow a little awareness about the fact that there are no dangerous breeds, but rather abusive people who educate pets badly.

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