Orphan Kittens Trapped In An Air Duct Are Rescued

Orphan kittens trapped in an air duct are rescued

In the day-to-day of our relationship with animals, situations of all kinds occur. Rescue workers from one region of India, Udaipur, received a call about a litter of orphaned kittens trapped in an air duct. They had been crying for several days and were about to die of hunger and cold.

A call in time to save the orphaned kittens


The call came from a restaurant staff, they heard the screams and cries of the small cats, and then made the call to the animal aid service “Animal Aid Unlimited”. To make the rescue, it was necessary to open a hole in the metal of the duct in order to free the little ones.

The little ones were in terrible condition, as the mother abandoned the puppies and did not return. They were very thin, scared, full of dirt and dust, two of them with hypothermia and in critical condition.

The people at “Animal Aid Unlimited” took the orphaned kittens to a warm place, cleaned the little animals and they recovered little by little, hoping that someone would want to adopt them. Young puppies have physiological needs that the mother should provide, such as moisture, nutrition, immunity, cleanliness, safety and stimulation to integrate into society. This task can be done by a nurse or a person.

Needs of motherless puppies

These rescued orphan kittens needed a warm and safe environment, with proper food and a litter box, as well as all the care of the caregivers, as they did not have the basic care of the mother, such as food or food. One of the main dangers in these cases is the cold, which can lead to death.

Among the elements necessary to successfully raise orphaned puppies are colored ribbons, baby bottles, small breasts, breast milk or its home equivalent (you can prepare it with milk, cream and egg yolk), toilet paper, cotton for encourage them, wet washcloths, a hot water bottle or thermal blankets to help with the proper temperature, a box or basket where the little ones will stay, etc.

As a general rule, in all litters there are some puppies that are bigger and stronger than the others. The greater the number of puppies in the litter, the lower the chances of survival for everyone, especially the sickest. It also greatly influences when they were separated from their mothers.

It is very important that the little ones have been able to drink breast milk, at least during the first 36 hours after giving birth (the famous “colostrum”); through it, the mother transmits to the offspring the antibodies that the little one will need for a minimum immunity. Without it, your chances of survival are very slim.

Firstly, it is convenient to differentiate males and females, it is also important to know which puppies have already done their needs and which have not, etc. It helps a lot to put colored ribbons on them to differentiate them.

The need to ingest liquid food

To successfully raise kittens it is necessary to have the help of a bottle. There are many types on the market. When expressing milk, it is important that the puppy sucks directly from the bottle and that we do not squeeze so that a greater amount of liquid comes out. The puppy has to suck what he needs, at his own pace. For this, syringes are also usually used, but it will be necessary to be twice as careful, because they can make the puppies choke. It is best to avoid these utensils and have a baby bottle.

There are puppies that are more adept at sucking from the bottle, and others that are weaker, who drown easily, suck poorly, spill, etc.

The best product to replace breast milk


An excellent recipe to use in place of breast milk is a mixture of 400 ml of whole milk, 100 ml of cream and an egg yolk. As for the egg white, this contains substances harmful to the puppy, so it is important to separate it completely. When giving the mixture to the animal, it is important that the temperature of the mixture is the body temperature of the puppy.

You can also find powdered breast milk on the market to be prepared according to the instructions on the package.

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