Norwegian From The Forest: The Cat That Came From The Cold

Norwegian from the forest: the cat that came from the cold

Majestic. This is the word that best describes the Norwegian forest cat. This is a cat that has emerged from the cold Scandinavian landscapes to become a popular pet.

He is chosen in many homes around the world. Resistant, agile and very sociable, this beautiful feline stands out for its dense coat, developed to withstand the low temperatures of the place that lends it its name.

Wild Cat History of Uncertain Origin

The origin of this wonderful breed is not entirely clear. It is estimated that it reached the Nordic lands around the first millennium after Christ, through the Vikings. Everything seems to indicate that these relentless travelers discovered the ancestors of this feline in the Byzantium area. So the navigators used this cat in their boats to control the proliferating rats.

In Scandinavian lands, these animals lived in rural houses in order to protect agricultural crops from rodents. However, many specimens became wild. In the meantime, they were adapting to the extreme temperatures until they became their current appearance.

the norwegian forest cat

Uncertainty about its origin served to fuel myths and legends. Thus,  cats were linked to ancient gods of these peoples. Also, they have been included in many folk tales.

Norwegian Forest, a robust breed with delicate characteristics

If you choose a Norwegian of the Forest as a pet, you will have a large and robust animal, but with great agility. His profile and sometimes his face are reminiscent of bobcats. Plus, its fur-covered neck is sure to make you think of lions.

Without a doubt, we are facing  an imposing house cat. Its thick, waterproof coat makes it look like a mink coat . In addition, the undersides of their paws and ears have strands of hair to protect them from the harsh snow and cold of the Scandinavian forests.

They have a long body, long legs and tail. Also, your nails are very developed. However, her meow is soft and her facial features are very delicate. The long pointed ears, prominent mustaches and large, almond-shaped and slightly slanted eyes stand out.

Sociable, playful and affectionate: this is the cat who came from the cold

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a very confident cat. That’s why he accepts being together with other pets without any problems and gets along very well with the children in the house. They are so sociable and communicative that they also stand out for their intelligence and good character.

Still, we are faced with an excellent hunter who can climb trees and seek his prey in the water. And while he  is comfortable living inside a house, he enjoys a garden. In the absence of outdoor seating, high places  are great for him to look at the horizon (even if it’s from the living room itself).

Calm, playful and affectionate, the Norwegian Forest Cat becomes, without a doubt, part of the human family with which he lives. Therefore, you should pay attention and play with it for a long time every day.

A healthy pet that doesn’t require undue attention

If your pet is a kitten of this breed, you will no doubt appreciate the good health they generally enjoy. However, you must take care that he is not overweight. In this way, it is possible to avoid suffering from dysplasia or other hip deformities.

The beautiful breed of the Norwegian Forest Cat

Furthermore, they  are cats that do not require excessive attention. Despite the length of your coat, a weekly brushing will be enough  to avoid the formation of possible knots. However, during the molting period, it is worth taking some steps to allow him to evacuate the furballs without difficulty.

In any case, remember that to ensure your pet is healthy and strong, you should periodically take him to the vet. It is important to remember that deworming must be carried out frequently and the vaccination schedule must be adhered to.

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