Mutt Dogs, Much More Than A Breed

Mutt dogs, much more than a breed

Crossbreed dogs, which are more popularly known as mutts, are the product of crossing different breeds that have been mixed over time and, thus, generated dogs with unique characteristics. Although they have no commercial value, they have all the qualities of animals with the best pedigree, plus some extras. Possibly one of the biggest disadvantages that crossbred dogs face is the attitude of many people who prefer purebred dogs. Sometimes the dog’s breed indicates the owner’s purchasing power and acts as a social catalyst.

In most cases owners prefer a specific breed because they have had previous experience with it and liked the qualities or developed affection for dogs of that type, the decision to choose a breed dog over a crossbreed is due to a simple act of vanity.

Some advantages

The advantages of crossbred dogs

Breed-specific breeding, in addition to perpetuating certain physical and structural characteristics, also causes certain genes that transmit hereditary diseases to continue to happen.

This is the case with deafness in Dalmatians or convulsions in Boxers. Maintaining purity also implies that certain genetic disorders are improved.

When you buy or adopt a stray, you are guaranteed to have a dog whose blood and genes have been mixed.

Normally, genetic processes tend to select those traits that make the dog stronger, eliminating genes that, unless they are dominant, will not be passed on to the next generation. This reduces the chances of inbreeding diseases.

While this largely depends on genetic heritage, this type of dog is generally the noblest. In this respect, this is due more to the mixing of crossbreds with other crossbreds than to dogs of dominant breeds.

The mixture also helps these puppies to be less likely to contract diseases and have more physical resistance, that is, they have a longer life expectancy.

For this reason, they are usually more mentally stable and less likely to develop behavioral problems. Although this will largely depend on the type of upbringing and education the animal will receive.

A stigma that should be avoided is considering that all crossbred dogs are stray. In fact, it is possible to say that all dogs are crossbred, as they are descendants of wolves and owe their special characteristics to the mixtures that were made over the years.

stray dogs

At this point, breeding is important, as it is called that a dog is part of a breed because it has certain characteristics based on an established pattern and the existence of a relatively abundant number of species that guarantee its subsistence.

Unfortunately, the trade has created discrimination against crossbred dogs and one of the most common questions pet owners are asked about the breed to which their little friend belongs.

This created a very big problem for dogs in these conditions, as it is more difficult to find a home for them, whether when they come from the street or even when they were born under the care of someone else.

However, there has been increasing awareness about the adoption of crossbred dogs, and it is increasingly common to see in the homes of friends or relatives animals that are adopted either from shelters or directly from the streets.

Nowadays, the mindset about having these dogs has changed a bit. Although adopting them is still considered an altruistic act. That’s not the idea either, because we’re back in the vanity field.

Therefore, the exercise of conscience must be done on the opportunity that it represents to offer a dog a place to live, regardless of its breed, where it can be loved, pampered and where its life is guaranteed, in one way or another, under the responsibility of man, because our species has been the most benefited in this domestication process with the use of dogs for work and companionship.

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