Monty, A Cat With Down Syndrome That Netizens Fell In Love With

Monty, a cat with Down syndrome that netizens fell in love with

This is the story of Monty, a cat who was born with a chromosomal anomaly that gives a particular expression to his face and which ended up making him famous on social networks. The pussy lives happily in Denmark, along with Michael Bjorn and Mikala Klein, her owners, and two other cats. We will tell you some details of your life.

How Monty arrived at Michael and Mikala’s house

The couple Michael and Mikala evidently like cats. They already had two of these cats in their house, but they decided to adopt one more. They visited protective association pages looking for a new pussy to make a good home.


Source: Monty’s Facebook

Then, they came across a photo of a three-year-old kitten that looked adorable, but that looked a little sad, and so they decided to go get it.

The connection with the pet was immediate. It was as if they chose each other. And then they decided to call him Monty, because the cat reminded them of the song “Always look at the bright side of life”, which appears in the film The Life of Brian , by the British band Monty Python.

Monty, a cat with a chromosomal abnormality

Monty lacks a bone in his nose because of the chromosomal anomaly with which he was born, and this is what gives the particular expression to his face and which Internet users are passionate about. However, this problem also causes some minor respiratory inconveniences, causing more sneezing than usual.

Also, on some occasions, the pussy leaks urine when it sleeps too deeply. This issue led his owners to think, at first, that this was due to a territorial attitude, and with great regret they had decided to give him up for adoption to a family that had no other cats.

But they couldn’t let go of him. Then they found out that the pee problem was also related to the chromosomal abnormality, which some compare to Down syndrome, the same one that some people are born with.

Besides, he is a cat with a lot of personality and who leads a normal and happy life. It is very sociable, cuddly and playful. And besides, it’s famous. Although to Monty this very human detail should not matter.

A cat made famous on the internet

The couple decided to promote the image of Monty to try to make people aware that the physical aspect is the least, since we all have certain anomalies more or less marked.

The point is that the pussy is all the rage on social media. At the time of writing this article, he had more than 183,000 followers on his Facebook page and 65,000 on Instagram.

In addition, they created their own brand of clothing, jewelry, wallets and other accessories. The sale of these products is for the benefit of the shelter where Monty used to live, a cat that Internet users and all those who know him are passionate about.


Source: Monty’s Facebook

looking for the bright side of life

Although Down syndrome is unique to humans, animals also have different types of syndromes, chromosomal alterations or diseases.

Because they have, like people, ordered genetic sequences, they may have trinomials (an extra chromosome) that result in cognitive and physiological difficulties, or in anatomical changes that give it a characteristic state.

Anyway, as different as a human being, a cat or a dog may seem, the important thing is to look for the bright side of life. Do not you think? Monty is a good example of this.

Photo source: Facebook Monty boy

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