Meet The Little Dog Who Helps Raise Funds For Animal Shelters

Meet the little dog who helps raise funds for animal shelters

There is a dog that can contribute financially and raise funds for the canine cause, his name is Davos. He loves golf and has a natural gift for finding things others have missed. His story is a small sample of the great contributions that a dog and its owner are capable of making in the quest for a better world.

It’s been five years since Al Cooper decided to take his loyal adventuring companion to a golf course. A long time ago, he became aware of the great ability of his Boiadeiro-Bernês breed dog to find lost objects. What started out as a fun outing soon turned into a job for your dog.

Davos went from being a pet to being a caddy (golf ball carrier), thanks to its speed and efficiency in finding missing balls on the Albertville, Minnesota golf course. But what stands out the most is what he does with them after finding them. He sells them for 25 cents on the dollar. All money raised from sales of these balls is donated to an organization that helps other stray dogs.

The pet has been carrying out this task in recent months. According to newspaper reports, in a few weeks Davos managed to raise and donate another $100 to his street companions.

Davos: a supportive dog that went viral on the Internet raising funds for animal shelters

Deanna Kramer was taken aback when she received the supportive contribution from the paws of this benefactor dog. She is part of the Animal Humane Society and the local shelter that houses a group full of stray dogs.

According to Kramer, Davos’ donation was the “most beautiful” she has ever had the pleasure of receiving in her entire activist career. This impression she had is understandable, because it is a supportive dog that uses its abilities to offer help to others of its own species.

Quickly, the story received the attention of KARE 11 news , a local television station in Minnesota, USA. They made this beautiful story public through the elaboration of a report that was posted on YouTube. Also check out a video about the dog here (in English).

Now, Davos is famous in cyberspace. His news was published in the prestigious magazine Hola , and also on the website of the television channel Antena 3 . In addition, he gained fame on the social network Facebook .

How many golf balls did he find?

In fact, this domesticated dog has an innate gift. By the looks of it, Davos has collected a total of 400 balls in a matter of weeks to be able to make his first contribution on behalf of the stray dogs in his region.

Davos finds any balls and deposits them in a medium-sized white basket. Its owner has posted a sign inside the park asking for contributions. This dog’s work is useful for golfers, animal caretakers and, of course, other dogs who are not as lucky as he is.

In the midst of this current of goodness and efficiency, this formidable specimen with the dark back is having a great time. When he’s not at work tracking down stray golf balls, he’s obediently resting in the golf cart. Your owner has big contributions in mind in the future due to the surprising ease with which your dog finds the balls.

An example of fundraising training

Al Cooper has publicly stated that he is a terrible golfer, even though the sport is one of his greatest passions. However, he proved to be an excellent handler to his loyal companion in sporting adventures. The amount of golf balls and objects this formidable pet has recovered in the past is incalculable.

Furthermore, it’s true that this creative American citizen found a way to join forces with his pet to create a project capable of generating massive revenues without the need for a major investment.

Best of all, all the magic happens during your morning walk, which is fun for the dog and its long-lived owner.

While he was raising funds to help others of his kind, a Pitbull dog named Electra was abandoned by her owners in California. She was rescued by Animal Humane Society activists , who took her to a homeless animal shelter. This is what Davos’ valuable contribution is for.

It is not the first time that a dog has contributed to the construction of a new, more supportive and tolerant world. But the truth is, this story is like no other.

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