Meet The 10 Rarest Cats In The World

Meet the 10 rarest cats in the world

Are you a cat lover? What races do you know? If you thought that breeds like Sphinx, Scottish Fold or Manx were a bit peculiar… Discover in this article the 10 rarest cats in the world. Short-tailed, short, hairless, spotted, etc. Let’s meet them.

See the breed of the 10 rarest cats in the world

California Spangled

Originally from the United States, the California Spangled breed was first developed in the 1980s, with the intention of emulating wild cats. Its dark spots and slender body are reminiscent of leopards.


Conheça os gatos mais raros do mundo

The Serengeti cat comes from a cross between the Bengal and Oriental Shorthair breed. Its origin is located in the United States, in the 90’s. Its fur has pronounced dark brown, beige or black spots. Its legs are long and its round-tipped ears are very large. Males are generally slightly larger and heavier than females.


Originally from England, the Burmilla cat was bred in the 80’s and comes from a cross between Burman and Persian Chinchilla. These cats have a semi-long coat that follows the lines of their body giving a smooth, silky feel. They also have a feathered tail. His coat features a wide variety of colors including black, blue, brown, chocolate and lilac. With a cheerful, playful and affectionate temperament, they get along very well with children and other animals.

Kurilian Bobtail

Wild looking, medium sized and muscular, they love people and like to be petted. Its origins are on the Russian island of Sajalin and the Kuriles islands, over 200 years ago. Its eyes are almond shaped, oval at the top and rounded at the bottom. Ears are medium in size, triangular in shape, wide at the base and gently sloping forward. With soft and silky fur, it is mottled, with a great presence of white on its body. Some may also have silvery reflections.


Gatos mais raros confira as raças

With short legs and an endearing expression, this cat can have short or long fur. Result of the cross between Persian and modern Munchkin, its roots go back to the 90’s, in the United States. The mentor of this cross decided to call his race Napoleon because of Napoleon Bonaparte’s short stature. These cats are robust and strong, have excellent musculature and their long coat can be of different colors such as black, white or mottled.

Blue eyes

This breed of cat stands out for its deep blue eyes. Their size is medium and they usually have white spots on the body. Their origin is in 1984, in New Mexico, where they were identified within a wild colony. With short, smooth and silky fur, its color is usually white or mottled gray.


The Peterbald is a breed of cat, it has no fur and its body color is grey. The breed originated in Russia, in the 90’s, with the mixture between the Donskoy and the Oriental short hair.  These cats are elegant and elongated and tubular in build with a long whip-shaped tail. They don’t have bellies, like the Sphinx race. They have long legs, large oval paws, bat ears and a wedge-shaped muzzle. Her personality is affectionate, active and athletic.


The Sokoke cat is originally from Kenya, Africa, and was discovered in the late 1970s. Its body is long and slender, as are its legs. Its hind legs are longer than its front legs, similar to those of the wildcat. Its fur is usually brown and the color of its eyes is amber green.

Sokoke cats are very active and love to climb. They tend to be guardians and get along very well with their owners.


Minskin is a new breed of cat with short legs and fur on the face, ears, nose, legs and tail. Originally from the United States, this breed emerged in the late 90’s and is characterized by having little hair, only covering its belly. These cats, despite having short legs, have the same agility as any other cat.

German Rex

Medium sized with slender legs, these cats have short, silky fur. They are cheerful and playful and their origin is in Germany, in the 30s. Their color is a mottled brown and their eyes are usually amber.

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