Mascot, More Than An App

Mascota, more than an app

The apps are in fashion and among the most sought after are those dedicated to animals. Everything that makes our life easier, including living with our pets, is always welcome. Today we present you Mascotea, something more than an app, which is currently available in Spanish and English.

This, as the page itself defines, “ is much more than a social network in which you are present and you can also be present to your pets”.

How the idea of ​​Mascotea came about

pet app

The creators of this very special app define themselves as animal lovers and share their daily lives with them. They like to care, pamper, teach and meet.

To achieve these goals, they are associated with various non-profit entities. In this way they collaborate with the protection of pets.

It is a young team, with a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to change the world, or at least the small part that has some relationship with the animals.

They define themselves like this on the page itself:

“We are, first of all, a group of “mascots” that live with the mascots, we laugh with the mascots, we play with the mascots, we travel with the mascots and we do everything you can do with them. It fascinates us!”.

In addition to all this, the entire team is made up of professionals from the animal world.

What can be done with Mascotea?

As we talked about before, Mascotea is more than an app. Therefore, with it, it is possible to do much more than with other well-known social networks.

enroll your mascot

It doesn’t matter what kind of animal you have: snake, ferret, hamster, dog, iguana or any other. Whatever, you can register in the app.

All animals are welcome.

Meet people

You will be able to join groups with the same interests as yours. People who like the same animals and can even organize casual encounters and events. Or you can simply make an appointment with someone in particular to walk the pets.

socialize your pet

Socialization is an essential part of the development of animals, whatever their species. Obviously, it’s easier to go out on the street and meet other dogs or cats than it is with a snake or an iguana.

No matter what your pet is, you can always find people who are the same type as you and allow the two of you to socialize.

Buy and sell

In this app you will find the official suppliers of the best brands of food and accessories for pets. You can conveniently buy anything you need for your pet through your cell phone.

Besides, you’ll be able to sell everything related to the animal world that you no longer use due to different circumstances or even find something that other pets don’t use.

Seek professional services

This social network has a location service that helps you find the services you need for your pet. It’s the case of veterinarians, feed stores, beaches for dogs or anything that comes to your mind.

Travel with your pet

The Mascotour section helps you to hire the best vacation for you and your pet, showing you options for hotels that accept animals, as well as things to do with them.

answer your questions

dog posing for photo

The questions and answers section will help you find answers to all the questions you have about your pet or those of your friends.

help others

At Mascotea you can find shelters that need help. You can also adopt an animal or volunteer to work in one of the registered entities.

As you can see,  Mascotea is more than a social network. It is very useful for all those who love animals and, without a doubt, a social network worth knowing.

Main Image Source: Mascotea’s Facebook

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