Living With More Than One Pet: What Is The Routine Like?

Living with more than one pet: what is the routine like?

Living with more than one pet is a big responsibility, as this involves feeding them, caring for them, respecting them, cleaning up their needs, providing veterinary care and giving them affection.

Having more than one pet is not a decision to be made without first considering several factors, such as time and money, which are very important. Before having a second animal, you need to seriously think about it.

Necessary routines

Taking care of more than one animal will require you to devote much more time to this coexistence, as well as you will have more costs, at least twice as much.

Other than that, you have to develop strategies to protect animals well among them. All of this will affect the routines and habits you have with them.

A healthy coexistence between animals necessarily involves the development of a daily routine, to fulfill the time necessary for this demand. This includes: food, play, hygiene and bedtime.

Time to sleep and wake up

Convivência do seu animal de estimação

Something very important to teach your pets is when and where they should sleep, this will be essential if you don’t want to have puppies hanging around the house and making noise at night, because they slept peacefully during the day.

Before establishing a sleep routine for your pets, you have to know if they are day or night habits, as well as develop strategies in which your pets have active moments on different days.

The ideal is to educate them so that they sleep while the family also sleeps, but if this is not possible, it  is better that you get them used to being awake at times without too much noise.

In case you have a pet that you can hardly train (such as  rodents ) do not leave the cage near your bed, as they will wake you up when they play and eat.

tour schedule

If you have dogs (or are one of the people who love walking cats) you should get used to doing it at the same time.

For this, choose a time of day when you find it easier to take them for walks, you should also take into account that training is very important when you have more than one pet.

A well-educated dog should not  pull the leash, so it will be much easier to do and enjoy the walks.

It is important that you always keep them controlled through the collar, otherwise, in case of fights or an attempt to escape, you will have much less reaction time to ensure the well-being and care of your pet.

Also, establishing a schedule will help your little friends to adapt their bodies and take care of their needs away from home, but for that you will have to walk with them at least twice in the same day, preferably in the morning and in the evening.


Coexistence is essential when you have more than one pet. Many of the animals we have around us tend to develop very territorial behaviors, so you need to educate them so that they get along well with each other, especially if they didn’t grow up together.

Pets, in your coexistence, tend to compete not only for food or territory, but will also do so for your attention. The jealousy is a frequent pathology in animals.

The best way to prevent aggression between your pets is that each one has its own space, not exactly the physical space, because this they must share (with the exception of those who live in aquariums or cages), but each one must have their own things (dishes, collars, toys, beds), a place to eat, and quality time with you.

Cleaning and hygiene of your pet

A limpeza e a higiene do seu animal de estimação

You will have to double the effort to keep your house clean (in case you have more than one furry), and that also means being much more careful with their hygiene.

To live with more than one animal, you should beware of situations such as:

  • So they never come in contact with each other’s feces.
  • Separate them when they get sick.
  • Observe the presence of internal or external parasites (fleas or ticks).
  • Bathe them on the same day so they don’t mess with each other.

Despite all these factors to consider in living together, animals do best when they have the opportunity to share their time with other animals (especially when they come from complex social structures).

Plus they keep each other company when you’re not playing with them. It’s worth every sacrifice or effort to live with more than one pet.

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