Learn Why You Shouldn’t Beautify Your Pet

Products to beautify your pet can cause physical or psychological damage from stress, poisoning, or skin allergies.
Know why you shouldn't beautify your pet

The habit of using products and cosmetics to beautify your pet is not a good idea. Unfortunately, there are many accessories that the market offers to dress and change the appearance of dogs, cats and other animals.

From nail polish to underwear, shoes and fur dyes, there are many options to beautify your pet. However, what looks like a good photo for Instagram is far from beneficial for these little animals.

Think for a second about how our pets would be in their natural state. It would certainly be impossible for a cat or a dog to feel the need to dress up to look better.

Certainly the idea of ​​beautifying your pet is more a personal hobby than a matter of empathy with the animal.

What does this fad mean for pets?

Animal beauty contests, especially for dogs and cats, have been around for a long time. However, currently the fashion is to decorate animals to the point of looking more like puppets than living beings.

We know that some birds or some fish use color and eye-catching shapes to attract a mate during mating seasons. In turn, mammals base their choice of partners on matters of smell or leadership.

However, in recent years pet competitions have started to implement grooming show effects . The practice resembles hairdressing jobs for pets.

This new fashion implies that each animal must go through hours of “beautification”, cutting, combing and dyeing its fur.

Poodle with dyed fur

In countries like China and Japan, the effects on hair are as sophisticated as those seen on human hair. From curly to straight, the important thing for these people is to modify the natural characteristics of the fur and transform it into something different and, above all, artificial.

The grooming for dogs is able to completely change the natural appearance of the animal: ears, paw, tail, back. .. Everything is modified through unique cuts or hairstyles that do not provide benefits to animals.

What are the problems of beautifying your pet?

First of all, let’s clarify that the hygienic and health treatments are very different from “treatments” aesthetic that are made in pets. Bathing with flea shampoo, shaving your hair when high temperatures start or clipping your nails are important habits.

The benefits of beautifying or decorating animals for aesthetic purposes are nil. Perhaps, as a single point that could be positive, your pet would spend time with you and might view the beautification session as a joke or a show of affection.

However, the problem is the possible short- and long-term physical and psychological consequences. In practice, there are numerous scientific studies that reveal information about the toxic agents present in these cosmetics. Nail polish, for example, can be extremely harmful.

Beauty products for dogs

It is fashionable to paint the nails of pets, without considering that elements such as lead present in the paint can affect our pets in a very negative way. Other products can cause respiratory damage and may even cause asthma in your pet.

In addition, another growing trend is to dye pet hair. Some people take advantage of the light tones of the animal’s fur to apply colors like pink, green or violet. However, the risk to the physical and mental health of animals is extremely high.

Poisoning caused by chemical compounds, skin allergies and stress are some of the negative consequences of products to beautify your pet.

Can pets wear clothes?

As for putting clothes on pets, the situation is the same. The animal feels that its freedom is very limited when it is wearing too much clothing in the winter seasons. We need to remember that we are dealing with a living being.

In conclusion, animals are beautiful on their own, pedigree or not The fashion of dyeing them, making them up or decorating them only feeds an industry that cares little for animal welfare.

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