Know The Most Common Parasites In Dogs

Know the most common parasites in dogs

Parasites are irritating beings that bother our pets and can transmit diseases to them and to us. That’s why it’s very important to keep these pests under control, but for that, you need to recognize them. This article will help you learn about the most common parasites and how to treat them.

The most common parasites in dogs

There are hundreds and hundreds of parasites, but we’ve selected the four most common and which are also the most dangerous. They are ectoparasites, meaning they inhabit your pet’s skin, and can transmit potentially deadly bacteria and viruses to your pet.

the flea


She is without a doubt one of the most common parasites in dogs. We all know the irritating itch a flea causes our furry friends and the incredible speed with which they lay eggs (6,000 is the maximum amount) and, in a short time, infest the animal’s skin.

The flea feeds on warm blood, whether human or animal, and likes warm places. That’s why it’s very important that you keep the house clean, especially under and behind furniture, pillows, and any dark, warm corners.

Although flea infestation is common and normal, these parasites can transmit diseases to dogs, such as bartonellosis or dipilidiosis.

The best way to fight these parasites is to put a flea collar on your dog, keep the house clean and use specific insecticides. Some home remedies are also effective.


This is the parasite that causes Leishmaniasis, being the carrier of the Leishmania bacterium.

The disease has no cure and the dog will have to medicate himself for life if he is lucky not to be infected with the severe form and die. The best way to prevent this parasite from infesting your animal is to use antiparasitic drugs.


You may think this is one of the simplest and most harmless parasites out there, just find it and remove it from your dog’s skin, but you’re wrong.

A single tick for killing your dog, causing him to develop Babesiosis, Erlichiosis or Lyme Disease. Some of these diseases are deadly, so keep an eye out for your pet and have a daily inspection, especially if he spends a lot of time outside, in the garden or yard.

When you find one of these parasites in your dog, don’t pull it out at once. Wear gloves so that it doesn’t infect you and, with the help of tweezers, slowly pull out the parasite, making sure that it has come out completely. Otherwise, parts of the tick may remain on your pet, causing even more serious infections.



We are talking about these irritating little flying insects that feed on our blood and can cause many health problems in our dogs.

If our dog is bitten by a mosquito infected by the Dirofilaria parasite, it can contract Filariasis, a serious lung infection that can cause the animal’s death. This parasite is popularly known as the “heart worm”, as once inside the body, it takes the form of a worm and enters the heart and the most important blood vessels, obstructing them and possibly causing the dog’s death.

To prevent these parasites from infecting your animal, it is best to talk to an expert so that he can indicate the best way to continuously deworm your dog. Although the normal procedure is to perform the procedure every six months, the veterinarian can indicate other alternatives.

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