Know If You Are A Responsible Owner

Know if you are a responsible owner

Any animal lover who wants to acquire a pet only wants one thing when adopting it: to be a responsible owner. Is that having a pet is having an extra responsibility in life, a little being that will depend 100% on us.

If you’ve never owned a pet and are worried about what to do and how to be a responsible owner and so that your pet is always well taken care of, we’ll give you some tips that will certainly help with that.

Are you responsible in life?

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Author: Ana Fontes

Nobody is born responsible. The responsible person is not born that way, he becomes. However, you don’t need to wait until you have a pet to become responsible, but before acquiring one, we should do a self-analysis and see if we are already responsible in life and if we are able to have a living being that depends on us.

But how do we know if we are responsible for having a pet? Analyzing these questions:

  • We have respect for the lives of other living beings. If you love and respect the lives of other living beings and also motivate others, especially children to act like that, it’s a sign that you love and respect life and that if you had one in your hands that depended on you, you would take care of her responsibly.
  • If you are willing to bear expenses for the sake of your pet. If you are responsible for your payments, if you have enough money to cover medical expenses and support for another living being, it is possible that you will become a responsible pet owner.
  • Available time. To have a pet it is necessary to have time to socialize, play and have fun with your pet.
  • Be reasonable and flexible. These two qualities will help you when having to put up with your pet’s manias, as well as when giving him a loving education instead of a dictatorial one.

    How to know if you are a responsible owner

    Pets have not only physical, but also emotional and other needs that need to be met, so if you already have a pet, knowing what you’re doing is right is paramount to good quality. of your pet’s life. If you are doing this, congratulations! You are a responsible owner:

    • Talk to your veterinarian to find out which food is best for your pet.
    • Buy the right food and provide it at set times that are sufficient to meet your dietary needs. It is important that you set your pet’s eating times (even better if they are after you) and that you respect them.
    • Take your pet for a walk for at least 15 minutes 3 times a day and always collect his feces.
    • Educate him and try to train him to learn basic commands.
    • If for nothing in the world you would abandon him and never put him in dangerous situations.
    • Buy the necessary accessories for a calm and happy life.
    • Spend quality time with your pet, that means hugging, petting and saying loving words.
    • Take him for a veterinarian checkup every 4 months at least to make sure everything is okay.

    dog walking

    Having a pet is much more than owning a furry little thing that will run around the house, it is a living being that will depend on you and that you will have to care for and love for the rest of your life, or for the rest of your life (if you have a turtle).

    Obviously not all pets are the same and each species has different needs, so if you don’t have one yet, but you already know which species you’re going to choose, it would be good to do some research, including talking to a veterinarian to find out what your pet will need you.

    Remember that acquiring a pet can somewhat limit your freedom to do certain things, so think carefully before adopting one.

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