Is Your Dog Alone? Here We Give You The Solution

Is your dog alone?  Here we give you the solution

One of the most delicate situations for a dog is when he is alone at home, as this is something that can cause many inconveniences for both him and you.

In this situation, it is very common for him to feel sad, or even depressed, since in his absence his little friend suffers from separation anxiety, which is something that generates such strong anguish that one of his escape valves is destroy everything around you.

If you want to make your dog not suffer and know how to behave properly when he is alone, here we have some advice for you to follow.

If your dog is alone, project calm and serenity

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The most amazing quirk of canine intelligence is that they can be brought up not just with words or training, but also by setting an example.

When you’re at home, it’s not only important to give affection and pampering to your little friend, but also to always project an attitude of tranquility, which will make your pet behave the same way at home in the medium term. This way you help him to feel calmer and more secure when you are not there.

If you’ve ever heard that dogs look like their owners, it’s no lie, as it ‘s impossible to see someone irrational and aggressive with a calm, mentally balanced dog.

Don’t let your dog become too dependent on you

While it may seem cute that your dog feels sad and misses you when you’re not there, it just shows that he doesn’t know how to be alone, which is something that can be harmful to his health, as well as showing that there are some things that you are not doing well as an owner.

Is that as severe as it may seem, teaching your dog to be alone is something that should be done as long as he is a puppy, not only so that he does not feel bad in your absence, but also so that he is a little more independent and develop greater security with yourself.

To achieve this feat, you just have to make them value their own space, as well as invest the time you are with them to play, cuddle, care and feed them.

If, for example, you’ve already petted and played with him, and your dog keeps asking for attention, just ignore him, since that way he’ll get used to seeing loneliness as something completely natural from an early age.

Do you think this is something cruel? None of that. It’s just necessary to remember that the dogs’ mothers don’t pay attention to them sometimes, right after they stop feeding them, all with the purpose of preventing them from becoming too dependent and not being able to take care of themselves.

Make your dog feel comfortable and entertained when he’s alone

If it’s too difficult for you to follow the above advice, the best thing to do is to turn your loneliness into a time where he can have fun and relax, as that way he won’t feel sad or anxious.

A good option is to buy a toy, like a teether, for him to play in your absence, these toys last a long time and your puppy will do very well.

Likewise, another good option is to have a comfortable, warm and padded space where he can rest, so that, once you’re away, your pet has a special place to have a peaceful sleep.

Keep a normal attitude when arriving and when leaving


This is the best attitude to take, as when you are very affectionate with your dog when you get home or when you have to go somewhere else, it will make them feel conditioned and, thus, will suffer a lot from your absence.

That’s why instead of acting that way, it ‘s preferable not to welcome or say goodbye, as that way they’ll see everything as something very normal.

With these tricks, your little four-legged friend won’t have any problems. When your dog is alone, there will be no special conditioning and he will see everything as ordinary and routine.

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