Is There Telepathic Communication With Our Dogs?

Is there telepathic communication with our dogs?

Dogs are often very much in tune with humans. But… can they read our minds? Although it surprises us, some people have taken on the task of studying this phenomenon and have carried out several studies to prove it. After reading this article, you will be the one to tell if there is telepathic communication with our dogs.

Canine telepathy?

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We all know dogs are very sensitive;  in fact it is very common that when the owner of the animal feels bad, tired or has some kind of distress, the dog notices. This perception is called, by some people, canine telepathic communication and is based on the senses.

Could dogs even detect when a person has cancer? It is not known if they can determine a specific disease, but as already mentioned, but they can tell when something with its owner is not right. But not everything is negative. Dogs can also sense when their owners are in good health or feel happy.

Some studies

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A study released by the Discovery Channel tried to elucidate whether dogs can communicate telepathically with their owners. A study by a team of researchers at the University of Florida tried to determine why dogs are so prepared to detect people’s moods, and how they do it.

Are dogs born with this ability or do they develop it with experience? To answer this question, the group carried out experiments with wolves and dogs. In the experiment, the two groups of animals had the opportunity to order food from two groups of people. One of the groups of humans was characterized by paying attention to animals, while the other was supposed to ignore them.

Researchers demonstrated for the first time that wolves, like domestic dogs, begged for food when approaching someone who was paying attention . This demonstrated that both species – domestic dogs and wolves – have the ability to behave in accordance with a human’s state of attention.

On the other hand, some dogs were also more begging. However, dogs that came from shelters weren’t as good at it as dogs that came from a home. This shows that exposure to humans allows dogs to improve their ability to perceive people.

According to the researchers, the results suggest that the dogs’ ability to follow human actions is due to the willingness to accept humans as social companions, combined with the conditioning to follow the actions of humans to acquire positive reinforcement. In this sense, the types of attention signals, the context in which the command is presented and the previous experience are very important.

Science aside, other studies say that telepathic communication is possible  and that it is performed at different levels of psychic awareness and that messages can be received from communicating with our pets.

Clairvoyance is one of them. Another type of psychic awareness is clairaudience, which is the ability to hear things that are beyond the range of normal hearing.

People who follow this line of thinking also refer to empathy, and say that sometimes you can smell what your pet is smelling. To do this, certain exercises are used. For example, to start a session, the first thing to do is to prepare yourself through three basic steps: meditation, observation and connection.

For the exercise to be effective , reserve a quiet space. Have your pet’s photo ready. Close your eyes. When you feel ready open your eyes and focus on your dog. Start looking at the animal’s skin, body, eyes, breath. Write your impressions on a sheet of paper.

According to those who practice this exercise, you will reach a time when you will be able to communicate with your dog and; they guarantee that it’s even possible to say hello. However, all these ideas are very confusing and lacking in scientific rigor.

But even if you have doubts, you should still try. Surely you will reach a state of concentration and “spirituality” quite pleasant and from there you will have an answer from your dog, because you will have entered another level. Unless you practice it will be very difficult to prove.

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