Is Friendship Between Cats And Dogs Impossible?

Is the friendship between dogs and cats impossible?

“They get along like cats and dogs.” This famous saying, often used when we want to say that two people don’t get along very well, is based on the difficult coexistence between canines and felines. However, cases in which the two species live in harmony are increasingly common, or even puppies that, when going out for a walk, greet the kittens.

Is this friendship impossible? Everything seems to indicate no. It’s time to find out where this idea came from and how true it is.

How did the expression “like cats and dogs” come about?

We often see dogs running after cats or cats baring their teeth at dogs. However, when both animals live together it seems to be different. Why?

sunstroke in dogs and cats

Both species are territorial, that is, they need their territory and will defend it tooth and nail. Therefore, when a dog or cat approaches an animal of another species, it feels threatened and responds to the threat with an attack.

The attitude would be the same if it were another species, but the phrase “like cats and dogs” is a way of generalizing the reaction of any of these animals to the threat of losing their territory.

Why do they change when they live together?

As mentioned earlier, when dogs and cats get along, they develop a good relationship, even though it may seem a little difficult at first.

However, it is curious to think that these dogs that live with cats, when they go out into the street and find a feline, start running after it in search of a little “fun”. That’s because they don’t care about looks. When they live with other animals, they start to see them as equals, true members of their pack.

Still, they cannot ignore the supposed threat of losing their territory when they encounter another being when they go out for a walk.

How to make your pets not fight “like cat and dog”?

If you own a cat and want to have a dog, and vice versa, or you already have both, but you can’t make them get along well, don’t worry, this advice will help you.

dog or cat

  • Introduce them gradually.  Don’t come home with the new pet assuming everything will be fine, because that might not happen. It is better to enter the house with it in your arms and, in a closed room, gradually approach the animal that already lives with you. If all goes well, you can leave your new friend on the ground so they can both get to know each other and even leave them alone. If not, you should be more patient and keep them away for a while.
  • Treat both equally. We understand that when a new pet comes home, especially if it’s still a puppy, it becomes the center of attention. But if the animal that already lives with you feels threatened by losing your affection, the coexistence of both can be harmed.
  • Both must have their space. It’s much more practical to have just one bowl and one bowl for both of you, but that’s a bad decision. Each animal must feel special and have its own place and space to avoid fights.
  • Two beds. The same goes for the sleeping place. Each should have their own bed or blanket. We know you want to take lots of pictures of your dog and cat sleeping together, but it’s good to wait a while for that.

It is very important that you give the two time to get closer little by little. They will likely end up eating together or sleeping cuddled together, but leave the animals free to do so when the time is right, without ever forcing them.

As we have seen, the friendship between dogs and cats is not impossible, but it also needs your help to make it a reality.

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