Intelligence: How And Why To Stimulate Your Dog’s Brain

Intelligence: how and why to stimulate your dog's brain

Being a responsible pet owner means much more than simply feeding and watching over an animal’s health. These are very important aspects within the care process, but there are other factors that are also important. For example,  stimulate your dog’s brain.

It is common to pay a lot of attention to the physical development of a dog, which is very important, as the activities that the owner performs with the pet  correspond to about 90% of the exercise that it will do in the day.

Physical activity is critical for dogs because, in addition to keeping them entertained, it will allow them to burn energy.

Otherwise, dogs would spend it by developing unwanted habits, such as compulsive behavior, or destructive personality, among other behaviors.

Equally, it’s a good way to avoid stress- and anxiety-related problems.

A dog’s mental health is closely related to its physical development. If the levels of anxiety, the product of boredom, are not reduced, the behavior problems related to stress will not disappear.

So stimulating your dog’s brain is vital. The best part is that this can be done by serving as a playful activity for you.

Dogs are intelligent animals and have a great capacity for learning, but this intelligence must be stimulated.

Just like with children, if their abilities are not stimulated, they can hardly be developed.

Therefore, your dog needs you to provide things that challenge his intelligence, whether through exploration, games and games or facing challenges.

Below, we’ll give you some advice on exercises that can help your friend stimulate both your physique and your intelligence:


Play sports with dogs

Very easy. Link your dog to some kind of sport he likes to do. For example, if he enjoys walking or running, you can do it easily, or you can also throw him a ball to catch.

If you prefer something more elaborate, you can try the canine sport circuits, even if they require training so that your dog knows how to follow some instructions.

These circuits are very good for pets, because through them, they will work their attention and concentration, in addition to following orders.

If you prefer another class of activities, you can play indoors, either in the backyard or in the living room, although the ideal is for the dog to change environments, as this will allow him to remain in contact with other classes of smells and sensations, which will be extremely enriching for him.

A good option is always to take it to a lake, park or the beach. Any type of activity will be important, as it will deepen the relationship between you and strengthen the bond.

make toys for him

homemade toys

Something ingenious, as well as economical, you can do for your dog is to create some toys that are interactive.

Since you already know what your friend’s tastes are, you can use this to your advantage to make some kind of toy that is fun for him and that also results in some kind of exercise for him.

For example, you can fill a box with some reward for him and let him figure out how to get them out, or you can simply go to the nearest pet store and buy some toy of this type that will entertain your dog for many hours.


It is not necessary to pay a trainer. Simply follow some basic canine training recommendations so that you can work with your dog on aspects of daily life, coexistence and some basic commands such as, for example, to respond to your call.

The education of dogs is essential, as this allows you to establish a role of dominance over it. It will also prevent abnormal behaviors from developing and will make him more confident in you.

Finally, keep in mind that part of the fundamental secrets for the proper development of your dog are affection, company and the time you dedicate to him.

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