I Didn’t Want A Pet Until You Showed Up

I didn't want a pet until you showed up

My life was very busy…or so I believed. Despite my loneliness, I never thought about adopting a pet. Many recommended it to me, others offered to give me one as a present, but I never had one. I thought I wouldn’t have time to take care of one properly, or the work it could give me, all of which made me backtrack on my decision…but you showed up.

Selfish? Yes, I don’t deny it. But how can you be generous with what you don’t know? But one day, one day you showed up.

So everything changed…

when i found you

It all started on any day, like so many others. I got up and left ready for work, running, yes, I always run. However, when I reached the parking lot to get my car, I found something. It was a small talking box. I say I spoke because I heard a slight sound without even touching it.



I wanted to know who was causing the noise, and there you were. Even I didn’t quite know what animal you were, for your shiny white fur covered your muzzle and the shapes of your body. However, it didn’t take you long to move to see who dared to open the box, or perhaps you thought they finally came to your rescue.

I’ll be honest, I never told you that, but your eyes fell in love with me. I didn’t hesitate for a second to take you home. As we climbed into the elevator I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person could have left such a helpless little being without water and food left to its own devices.

I increasingly believe that fate brought us together…

You showed up and our coexistence then begins

I didn’t want to leave for work that day, I couldn’t stop looking at you, but I had to go. I left you at home and I couldn’t think of anything else. I thought about going to buy you something when I left work, but I was so eager to see you that I decided we would go together so I could get you vaccinated and find a good vet.

You heard? I never wanted a dog… until you showed up.

I remember your first day at our house. I won’t deny that you didn’t start off on the right foot to be my new roommate. You urinated everywhere, ate my slippers, and the neighbors complained about your crying. Despite being such a perfectionist, all of this made me laugh more than it made me angry.

Living together was not easy, I won’t deny it, but little by little I learned to be more compromising and less fanatical and you learned your place and what you should respect.

Watching you grow up, having someone to “talk” to when you get home, someone to play with, someone to hang out with. You changed my life. You showed up and my world changed. In fact, I can no longer imagine my life without you. My friends couldn’t believe I finally had a dog when they came to my house.

But then you and I laughed at their faces when they saw you, at their expressions when they saw it was true.

thanks for changing my life



Today I am still amazed when people say that animals have nothing to teach us. If they only knew how much you changed my life! I really wish they could see this. Today I’m someone different because you taught me a lot. Since you appeared I learned to share, to be generous, not to think only about me, to love and be loved, to take responsibility and many other things.

For that and for all the happiness you give me, today I want to say thank you. Because since you showed up, my life, my home and myself are different.

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